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Fazbear Beginnings is a game that was relased in October 19, 2017. The game focuses around the orgins of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and how it came to be.

Game Mechanics


The Monitor plays a very important role in this game. The player uses the monitor to check on the animatronics to make sure they don't get in the office.


The audio is the way of keeping the "BETA" Animatronics away from the office room. It works in the same way as the Audio in FNAF 3 did.

The Desk

hiding under the desk is the main way of keeping the player safe. It works on all animatronics excluding Prototype and The Beta Animatronics.

Ventilation System

The only animatronic that goes through the vents is PROTOTYPE. You can seal the vents to prevent him from coming in the office.


  • Fredbear
  • S.Bonnie
  • BETA Fredbear
  • BETA S.bonnie

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