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Fazbear's Comics is a series of Five Nights at Freddy's comics written and illustrated by TonicHedgefox and helped by the people on this wikia. The comic can be a simple story or comedy.

To request a comic, post a comment below on the page.

Mainline Comics

Fazbear Comic #1 - A Freddy Strategy

The comic starts with Foxy preparing to kill the night guard, but he notices Freddy with a sinster smile, Foxy ends up ignoring it and running to the Office. The night guard is gone and Foxy goes looking for him. He asks the other animatronics but they don't know. When Foxy finally asks Freddy, he says "he used his strategy" and then shows a picture of the nightguard on vacation with tons of money.

Fazbear Comic #2 - Mix-up

The comic starts with Freddy, Bonnie and Chica waking up in the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 resturaunt, they're not withered and seem confused. They find out that the toy animatronics are missing and Foxy is chilling in Kid's Cove. They go to the Office to find a note saying "Shipment of ANIMATRONIC CHARACTERS to FREDDY FAZBEAR'S PIZZARIA from 1987". They have no way to go home, and just stay there. The comic ends there.

Fazbear Comic #3 - Where were they?

The comic starts with Golden Freddy and Springtrap sitting in the Safe Room, they play card games and chess until one day Springtrap vanishes. Later at night, Golden Freddy starts to fade away from existance. Then it says "Later in 1993" where it shows Golden Freddy and Springtrap sititng in a different Safe Room. Golden Freddy ends up being destroied by the Purple Guy later, leaving Springtrap in fear. This story was meant to symbolize what happened with Golden Freddy and Springtrap during the events of the first and second game.

Fazbear Comic #4 - New Bumper Cars!

There's a new Bumper Car attraction to the pizzaria! The animatronics can particapate aswell. Bonnie has the chance to take it to the next level. He goes too far with his evil bumps and mencing stares and later is banished from playing with the Bumper Cars. Bonnie tries to get back into playing Bumper Cars by using disguises or excuses. But ends up having his face ripped off.

Fazbear Comic #5 - Fazbear Mix-up

The comic begins with Freddy and Golden Freddy. Freddy looks confused while Golden Freddy looks bored. Then Toy Freddy and Shadow Freddy appears, and Freddy and Golden Freddy turned withered. Then Shadow Freddy turns into Purple Freddy, and Phantom Freddy appears. And finally, Nightmare Freddy, Fredbear and just Nightmare appear. Then it closes up to Freddy, saying. "Oh."

Other Comics



  • The first comic, A Freddy Strategy, is similar to a test video made by DMechaTails to test his Five Nights at Freddy's sprites.
  • The fourth comic, New Bumper Cars, is based on a picture made by sonic99rae which features Bonnie giving a death stare when playing bumper cars.
    • This is based off of the Luigi Death Stare meme.
    • This is also based on a personality used in joke FNaF videos, where Bonnie is riding bumper cars and saying "WOOO! BUMPER CARS!".

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