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Fazbear Frenzy is a Spin-off/joke game of the popular indie horror game, Five Nights at Freddy's. Oddly enough, it was released on Gamejolt instead of Steam.


Unlike most of the FNAF games, this one is, strangely, a fighting game. While it's gameplay is very similar to Smash Bros, there are a few key differences:

  • Stamina is turned on, though you can still knock people off-stage.
  • To get your "Frenzy Final" (Your super attack), you must fill a bar by attacking the opponent.
  • There are less items.



  • Freddy Fazbear (Super attack: Pizza Wheel)
  • Bonnie Bunny (Super Attack: Bash Jam)
  • Chica Chicken (Super Attack: Cupcake)
  • Foxy the Pirate (Super attack: Jump Scare)
  • Golden Freddy (Super attack: Crashing)
  • Endo 2 (Super Attack: Endo Army)
  • Balloon Boy (Super Attack: Balloon Pop)
  • Night Guard (Super Attack: The Mask)


  • Puppet (Super Attack: Mystery Box)
  • Mangle (Super Attack: Popper Balls)
  • Springtrap (Super Attack: Springlock)
  • Plushtrap (Super Attack: Bad Pizza)
  • Purple Guy (Super Attack: Hocus Pocus)
  • Fredbear (Super Attack: Mega Bite)
  • 8-bit Freddy (Super Attack: Pixel Rush)
  • Nightmare (Super Attack: Bite of 87 [or 83])
  • Scott Cawthon (Super Attack: 4th Wall)



Game Modes


Cheat codes




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