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Fazbear Heroes:The Revenge of Springtrap or simply Fazbear Heroes is a non-canon FNAF fan-game inspired by the game Sonic Heroes.


After surviving the fire Springtrap knowing The Puppet was still alive builds four giant and deadly versions of the main four animatronics(Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy) and also uses them to attack the city.To stop this The Puppet rebuilds the animatronics and calls others to help fight agains't Springtrap and his army.Springtrap also created mini-versions of the giant robots to find remaining people in hidden areas but they are much weaker, he also created enemies that look like The Puppet but with minor diferences and other deadly animatronics.To save the city The Puppet splits the animatronics in groups of three to find these giant robots and defeat them and later Springtrap.Each group has a team name.

Teams and their members

Team Fazbear:Bonnie(speed), Chica(flight), Freddy(power).They go after the Giant Freddy and later Springtrap.

Team Toy:Toy Bonnie(speed), Toy Chica(flight), Toy Freddy(power).They go after the Giant Bonnie and later Springtrap.

Team Pirate:Foxy(speed), Balloon Boy(flight), Mangle(power).They go after the Giant Chica and later Springtrap.

Team Phantom:Phantom Foxy(speed), Phantom Chica(flight), Phantom Freddy(power).They go after Giant Foxy and Springtrap.

Secret/Unlockable Characters and Modes

Secret/Unlockable Characters:Endoskeleton(FNAF1), Endoskeleton(FNAF2), JJ, Phantom BB, Phantom Mangle, Phantom Puppet, Shadow Bonnie, Shadow Freddy, Golden Freddy and The Puppet.

Secret/Unlockable Modes

Custom Teams:In this mode you can make your own team of the characters you have in the main game or unlocked and choose the stage you want to play in.

Battle Mode:You can choose two teams you of in the main game or the ones you created and have them fight to reach the end of a level or do certain tasks.You can put two CPUs to fight, play and fight with a CPU or play multiplayer with your friend.

How to unlock modes or character:To unlock the diferent modes you have to first finish the game and to unlock the characters you have to do certain tasks in the game or find secret areas.

Note:You can edit this page if you want to add your OCs or make Teams with them, more modes or more team ideas you have with the original characters, you can also suggest it in the comments.

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