There are alot of enemies in the game, these enemies are here to attack the characters.


There are multiple types of Cupcake enemies.


Pink Cupcakes are simple, they chase the player, but unable to jump into a higher location, even though they're walk cycle is them bouncing. They deal 1 half heart of damage. They fall off cliffs easily.


Ice Cupcakes have a freeze effects upon hurting the character.  They deal 1 half heart of damage.


Like Ice Cupcakes, Red Cupcakes have a burn effect, and deal 1 half heart of damage.


Gold Cupcakes are stronger cupcakes that chase you down (not above cliffs) and can jump up ledges. They deal 1 heart of damage. These cupcakes are only in the final world.


Plushtrap appears as a reoccuring enemy. These enemies have two hearts, and deal 1 heart of damage. Only has a grab attack. They can't jump or fall off ledges.

Fetus Freddy

Fetus Freddy, also known as Mini Nightmare Freddy, is a small Freddy with sharp teeth and withered design. These Freddys come in groups, and attack the player dealing 1 half heart damage.

Prize Box

Another version of the Cupcake, which has multiple colours that changes nothing.

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