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"The pizzeria is invaded with a fictional storyline."

Fazbear RPG is a RPG spinoff of a spinoff where you play as the Five Nights at Freddy's 1 cast and take an adventure to defeat the Purple Guy.


Freddy Fazbear

Freddy Fazbear is the main protagonist of Fazbear RPG, and the first character you can play as. He starts with 40 HP, 20 PP, 30 ATK and 30 DEF. He also starts with JUMPSCARE LV. 1 (a weak simple attack) and MICROPHONE JAB (a double hitting attack).


  • JUMPSCARE LV. 1 - a weak simple attack that deals with weak foes.
  • MICROPHONE JAB - a double hitting attack
  • TOPHAT TOSS - an attack that hurts all enemies
  • JUMPSCARE LV. 2 - a stronger version of JUMPSCARE LV. 1
  • TERMINAL TUNE - a move that can put enemies to sleep
  • FREDDY SNEAK - defends yourself
  • JUMPSCARE LV. 3 - a stronger version of JUMPSCARE LV. 2, may make target lose a turn
  • FAZBEAR STUFFING - strongest attack freddy has, may make target lose a turn


  • PLASTIC MICROPHONE - default weapon
  • METAL MICROPHONE - stronger microphone
  • GOLD MICROPHONE - stronger microphone
  • PLATINUM MICROPHONE - stronger microphone
  • FAZBEAR MICROPHONE - the original and strongest microphone by fazbear entertainment.
  • FREDDY SUIT - default suit
  • DENSE SUIT - stronger suit
  • BOLD SUIT - stronger suit
  • METAL SUIT - strongest suit
  • WITHERED SUIT - bad defense, but good attack and speed (GIVES WITHERED FREDDY SKIN)


to be added.


Bonnie is the second protagonist and animatronic that'll join Freddy's team. Freddy finds Bonnie in the Party Room 1.





Balloon Boy

Heavily indevelopment, please come back later.

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