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This is basically the same thing as Fazbear Rumble but this time, its the OC's and characters of the FNAF Fanon Wiki! If you wish to know Controls and more go to the official page because its the same controls as Fazbear Rumble. Also like Fazbear Rumble, this game will happen. Also if you want your character added go to Message Wall:MarioVsSonicFan Which is the creator of the page and put in your Character, Special Moves, Alt. Costume, a image of that character and Description of the character for a Card. You can enter at least 2 characters and anon can not enter. Also you may not enter a character that does not belong to you. I Will let you know on your message wall if your character made it in. Also, do not complain if your character did not get into the game. Thank You. You may also enter Stages, Anons are aloud to enter for Stages.


Cronic the Hedgehog (MarioVsSonicFan)

Special: Fire, Thunder, Ice. Cronic blast a beam made of Fire, Thunder and Ice

Side Special: The Sword of Thunder Gods. Cronic brings out the sword of Thunder gods and slashes it at his foe.

Up Special: Blasting Kick. Ironic does a kick upward and if hit, his foe gets a explosion in there face and is sent backwards

Clash (MarioVsSonicFan)

Special: Lighting Blot. Clash shoots out a lighting bolt

Side Special: Light. Clash makes a light that burns his foe eyes

Up Special: Thunder. Clash makes thunder from the sky hit the ground

Tonic ze Hedgefox (TonicHedgefox)

Special: Rocket Launcher. Tonic brings out a rocket launcher and fires it.

Side Special: Transform. Tonic transforms into Dr.Mario, if he wants to transform again, he turns into Golden Freddy and if he wants to transform again he turns back to normal. All transformations change his normal special into Mega Vitamin if Dr.Mario and Head Dash if Golden Freddy

Up Special: Flying Dash Attack. Tonic is send upwards then downwards, kind of like a ground pound



Cronic: 7

Clash: 6

Tonic: 8


Cronic: 8

Clash: 2

Tonic: 10


Cronic: 4

Clash: 4

Tonic: 2

Alt. Costume

Cronic the Hedgehog

Blue: Cronic's Blue costume is based of Sonic the Hedgehog

Red: Cronic's Red costume is based of Steven Universe and Mario

Brown: Cronic's Brown costume is based of Freddy Fazbear

Yellow: Cronic's Yellow costume is based of his Super form

Dark Blue: Cronic's Dark Blue costume is based of Clash


Pink: Clash's Pink costume is based of Kirby

Green: Clash's Green costume is based of Cronic

Yellow: Clash's yellow costume is based of his Super form

Cyan: Clashs' Cyan costume is based of his canceled design coloor

Lime: Clash's Lime costume is based of Yoshi

Tonic ze Hedgefox

Blue: Tonic's Blue costume is Based of Sonic the Hedgehog

Gray: Tonic's Gray costume is based of Metal Tonic

Purple: Tonic's Purple costume is based of no really anything but well Purple

Fleetway: Tonic's Fleetway costume is a Character costume, turning him into Fleetway Tonic

Fleetway/Dark Red: Tonic's Fleetway/Dark Red is based of Evil Freddy from Fazbear platformer

Character Gallery


Core Shore

Fight on Core Shore, the first place where Cronic does his training and more

Light Clouds

Fight at Clash's homeworld

Stage Gallery