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Fazbear Rumble EP 1: Golden Freddy Vs Springtrap

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NOTE: This is not the game, but a series.

Wanna see a match up that you would like to see happen? Leave a comment below and tell me what you would like to see next!

The Fight

Springtrap was near the exit at Fazbears Fright when all of a sudden he heard a scream.

Springtrap: What the...

It was Golden Freddy has a Head, he hit Springtrap and they both went flying outside of Fazbears Fright

Golden Freddy: Helllllloooo former friennnnnnd

Springtrap: You....

Springtraps eyes turn blank black with a red skull in them

Springtrap: Let's finish what we started

Golden Freddy: Yes.....



Next Time


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