"Fazbear Tales" is a series of FNaF stories by ShadicFazbear. It has different "episodes" that tell of various events in the FNaF universe. This is Episode 1: Fredbear's Family Murder. It is from Freddy's perspective, and it tells of all the events up until Fredbear's Family Diner's closing.

The Story

"(sigh) Finally done. Now boot him up."

"But what if something malfunctions? We haven't tested it yet!"

"This is the first test, idiot. Of course we haven't tested it yet."

"OK. Booting up now."

The blinding light flashed into my eyes as I was booted up for the first time. I was Fredbear (or Freddy for short), and I was an animatronic robot that was to become the new form of entertainment at Fredbear's Family Diner. Previously, they had actors wear suits, but they got ahold of a new European robotics technology, and got to work. I got up from the bed. My movement was extremely stiff, and I was devoid of any kind of feeling. The engineers typed a command into the future, and suddenly I was forced to walk around the room.

"YES!! It works!" screamed one of the engineers. I could talk, but my voice sounded robotic except for a few songs I was to sing. After various tests and remodels, I was finally shown to the stage. A crowd of eager kids waited for my first ever show to begin.

After weeks and weeks of shows, I was the only person there that could take care of the kids one day. I rushed around, handing out cupcakes to keep the whole party happy. I noticed one sad child looking on from outside. I went over to welcome him in, but a mysterious purple car pulled up to the side of the road. A man with dark skin and violet hair got out, senselessly murdered the child, and drove off.

All of a sudden, I lost consciousness. I woke up the next day, experiencing something I had never thought possible. Feelings. I was a sentient being with free will, and my voice sounded awfully human. I was even given advanced movement. Had the engineers upgraded me? I assumed that, and got up to the stage to do my next show.

However, I had memories of being murdered. I knew the mysterious purple-haired man closely. I felt like I had been taken over by the child's murdered soul. Was this why I was sentient? Was this why I had human-like qualities? It must have been. Suddenly, I remembered the purple man again. And I... I wanted revenge.

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