This is the second episode in a series of stories by ShadicFazbear named "Fazbear Tales". I highly recommend you read the first one (Go to the Fazbear Tales category) before this one.


They had noticed that I was getting weird as the weeks progressed. The kids seemed to love me, though. Eventually, I overheard a conversation from the staff room about "selling off the company". I wondered who would buy us out.

However, one day, I woke up to my calendar readings being off the charts from before. I was in an entirely unseen (by me, anyway) room with 3 unfamiliar animatronics - a purple rabbit, a yellow chicken, and a red fox. They woke up, and introduced themselves.

"Hi! You must be Freddy! I'm Bonnie," the purple rabbit told me. "I'm Chica," the yellow chicken said, and finally, the red fox said "And I'm Foxy." I wondered: Why were they calling me Freddy? I'm Fredbear! "No, I'm-" I tried to to tell them my actual name, but my voice trailed off. I suddenly realized. We had been bought out by Fazbear Entertainment. New establishment, new me. "I'm Freddy," I said. "Freddy Fazbear."

I thought the animatronics would notice something weird about my voice, and they did - so I did the only thing I could, and informed them of the murder. Eventually, we were shown out to the stage. The place was much larger, with a huge dining room and a stage fit for 3. I also caught a glimpse of an extra room with curtains. Bonnie, Chica and I got up onto the stage. Bonnie was the guitarist, I was the lead singer, and Chica was the backup singer. Foxy dashed over to that extra room at incredible speed, and we got up onto the stage to perform.

That day, it was near closing time, and Foxy was running out to meet some kids. He ran into the room, the kids cheering for him. The next day, same thing. I started to think this was daily routine for Foxy. But on the third day, the kids were sprawled onto the ground, lifeless and soulless. It happened again.

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