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Please note that this is a work in progress. Come back soon!

Fennel is a young Fennekin that walks on two paws (Duh!) and sometimes plays the harp on the Show Stage. Otherwise, she'll be in Pirate's Cove (Or Kid's Cove, depending on the roleplay/story) Hanging out with Foxy of Mangle. Yet she is mostly found either spending time with Lindsay Kingsland, The Chef, or Chica. What games she appears in is unknown.


Fennel is extremely hostile on all nights, but is mostly found walking with Lindsay or following someone else around. She either starts on the Show Stage or on Pirate's/Kid's Cove and randomly makes her way to the Office. Her jumpscare involves a bite or scratch to the frontal lobe.



Fennel and Lindsay are very close.


Fennel enjoys cooking with The Chef.

Coggia the Cyborg Kitten

Fennel LOVES to hang out with Coggia!

Mad Jack

Fennel doesn't care much for this animatronic, although she does love to mess around with him.

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