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Fifteen Nights at Freddy's is a game originally byGoldmelonmaster, but now owned by [insert here]. It takes place in 2087, so the technology is very advanced. It has more features than the other games.



Modern Freddy

Modern Freddy is the last animatronic to leave the Show Stage. He hides in the darkness on the cameras. Path: Show Stage>Dining Hall>Restrooms>Kitchen>Left Hallway>at the door>Office

Modern Chica

Modern Bonnie

Modern Foxy


Toy Freddy

Toy Chica

ToyChica 15NAF

Toy Chica as she appears, in heavy disrepair

Toy Bonnie


Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy won't attack you, but if he gets into your office he disables the doors, door lights, vent lights and flashlight until you make him leave by wearing the mask.

Path: Game Room/Arcade>Party Room 1>Kitchen>Left Air Vent>Office

The Puppet Master

The Puppet Master will only attack if you forget to wind the music box.


Can rarely appear in Backstage, Game Area or Restrooms.


Oliver Southway (always unlocked) (default)

  • no special effects

Mike Schmidt (after beating Night 15)

  • can rarely have hallucinations of eyeless Bonnie, eyeless Freddy and eyeless Foxy

Jeremy Fitzgerald (after beating Night 16)

  • 5% more flashlight power
  • putting up the mask is 25% quicker

​Fritz Smith (after beating any custom night preset while playing as Jeremy Fitzgerald)

  • 10% more flashlight power during any custom night preset
  • putting up the mask is 45% quicker during any custom night preset with either Toy Bonnie or Toy Freddy (or both)

Stevie Angelo (after beating Night 16 with Mike Schmidt,  Jeremy Fitzgerald and Fritz Smith)

  • 20% more door /door light /vent light power during Night 16
  • 30% more flashlight power during Night 16


FNAF 3 map


  • Show Stage. M Freddy, M Chica and M Bonnie start here.
  • Backstage. T Freddy, T Chica, T Bonnie and Magle start here. Occasionly, you can find the Endoskeleton here.
  • Prize Corner. There is a music box to wind here.
  • Game Room/Arcade. Balloon Boy starts here. Endoskeleton can rarely appear here.
  • Party Room 1. Pancake starts here.
  • Restrooms. Endoskeleton can rarely appear here.
  • Kitchen. This camera has a weak signal, and occasionly disables itself for 10 seconds.
  • Pirate Cove. M Foxy starts here.