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Finding Bracer Part. 2

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Bracer: I must find Shelter! (builds a tree house) There we go!

(scene cuts in pizzaria)

Snowstruck: Guys before we find Bracer we need to pack up incase we dont come back!

Fawn: OK!

Brittney: OK!

Purple Guy: Alright!

Snowstruck: We need A phone, Oil, First aid kits, and Swag!

Brittney: We already have swag (puts on sunglasses)

Snowstruck: Ok i put the other things we need in this back pack!

Purple Guy: Im gonna take out the phone and watch Eddsworld!

Snowstruck: I love Eddsworld!

Purple Guy: Me too!

(scene cuts outside)

Snowstruck: Guys why the heck is there a house in our backyard?!?!

Brittney: Probably Bracer!

Snowstruck: YEAH! (runs inside house) BRACER!!!

Bracer: How did ou find me?

Brittney: Your house is in our backyard!

Bracer: Oh

Purple Guy watching Eddsworld: Eddwardo is a bastard!

Snowstruck: Come home with us please!

Bracer: NO!

Brittney: Why!


Fawn: Well... You dont have to go to school!

Snowstruck: Besdies bracer your our freind!

Bracer: OK!

Purple Guy: Yay! (his dilevery hat and mailbag falls off)

Snowstruck: WAIT A MINUTE! (looks into purple guy's eyes) YOU LIED!?!

Purple Guy: What no- (snowstruck jumps on him) OH GOD!

(snowstruck kills him and hes dead)

Snowstruck: Lets go home!


R.I.P Edd Gould!

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