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This is the story of The Lolly man, otherwise known as Sam, finding his old enemies, the bullies. please let me know if you want any OCs to appear in it.

Chapter 1: Hearing old "friends"

I had spent my many days here, nothing to see, and the only thing to pass my time was the passing people's voices, which were never that interesting. Until one fateful day. I was in my (now locked) closet, when suddenly I heard people talking, which wasn't unusual, but they stopped right in front of the door. "Remember how Sam ran into this closet and never came out?" one man said, the other replied "Don't remind me John, he might be listening!" John laughed, obviously thinking the whole situation was funny. "Yes, he's now a ghost and he is looking for revenge." John laughed some more, and they walked away. I knew those two! They were the bullies! I knew I had to get them, they couldn't go unpunished. How funny would it be for John to discover how right his friend truly was...

Chapter 2: Escaping the closet

I waited in the closet, knowing from experience that I wouldn't be able to knock it down. So there I was, waiting for the janitor to open the closet (because he stored his stuff in here with me). Eventually, he did. I quickly knocked him out and ran, not caring about the many people jumping aside to get out of my way. I even ran past Freddy, although I didn't really care about him for the moment. But eventually I was lost, and I asked for directions from Bonnie. I was free, and on the track of my killers.