Finntom is an animatronic in Five Nights at Lavin's 2 and 3.He was originally Phone Dude,until Golden Lavin PWNed him.


In FNaL 2,Finntom is a brown caiman crocodile with yellow eyes.He has 3 pointy teeth sticking out of either side of his snout,and his eyes are slightly droopy,giving him an angry look,even though he's friendly(most of the time).He is as tall as Lavin and has parts that slightly overlap themselves,making it look like scales.However,he drastically changed in FNaL 3.Now,he is dark brown,and one of his eyes is an endo eye,with the dot red instead of white.He has a huge rip in the side of his torso,revealing his human ribcage,slightly bloodstained and crushed,due to the endo parts trying to spring in.His snout is half-ripped,so you can see the endo there,with a slight glimpse of the human teeth.He is missing half his left arm.He is taller than Lavin by 7 cm 4 in.


*trembling noises*Heelo!I am Finntom the Caiman!But you can call me Finn!-to the kids,FNaL 2

Ouch!Lavin,watch where you're throwing the endo head!You almost cracked mine!-to Lavin about EndoBall,FNaL 2

La-la-la-la-la!What a nice day!-to the animatronics at 6 AM,FNaL 2

*creepy laughter*You've forgotten about me in those past-bzzt!-20 years!But I will NOT give in!-to the night guard,FNaL 3

*static and zapping noises*Ha-ha-HA!My body is more than a walking,talking robotic corpse!I am Finntom!A half-machine,half-man hybrid.A salvage if you ask me!*static*-through CAM 7,FNaL 3

*a lot of zapping*N-N-NOOOOOOOO!HELP!AHHHH-bluh-bluht-bloot!*zapping and flame noises*-at the end of FNaL 3,in the fire that burned down Labbear's Scare,the horror attraction.


As work on the game progressed,Finntom was named Camran the Crocodile,then Nathan the Narwhal,and finally Finntom the Caiman.

If you're wondering what the blu-bluht-bloot noises are on his last quote,it's his voice box melting.


After Golden Lavin killed Phone Dude,Lavin carried his pale,decaying body into the Parts/Service room in the second pizzeria.Then,Lavin got out a brown caiman suit,that was originally a walkabout Tommy the Crocodile suit from LavBear's Family Restaurant,and put the corpse inside.He then twisted the neck handcrank,which made the endo parts spring in.They crushed Phone Dude's legs and half his crotch,but the rest was a little cracked and bloodstained.Soon,Finntom's corpse decayed to the point of being a skeleton,and then they activated him.

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