Five Freaking Nights at RX's is a fanmade FNaF game and the new installment of the series made by Seth Reuben.


A young employee was sent to a closed pizzeria that he worked on, his job was to check if any animatronics were left there. But soon his manager sent him five nights to check on the place, but little does Ned know that the withered animatronics are active at night.


Ned Anderson

The nightguard who you play as and survive for five dangerous nights.


RX is the main antagonist of the game. He has white skin and his feet and arms are like a penguin's flippers.

He will appear in the first night and goes to different cameras, RX is the easiest animatronic to avoid in the game but once he is infront of the player, he can no longer be warded off and kill the player.


Unlike Five Nights at Seth's 2 where he first appeared, his body is now fixed. He also got his arms fixed and looks brand new.

Ravage will try to get inside the air vents, leading him towards the player, if the player can see him near a vent, the player must ward them off using the temporary light that flashes on the camera. If not he can get inside the vent and kill the player.

The Head

The Head still looks the same as it is but has now 2 yellow glowing eyes.

When The Head can be seen blocking the camera, the player must change to another, staring at it will make it kill the player.


Springtoy seems to be brand new, he is new and shiny, he has now blue eyes and his color is now golden.

During night 3, he will appear in the hallway in sometime. The only way to ward him of is to activate the flashlight in one of the rooms like the others.


Chainsaw still appears to be a ghostly animatronic, although he now looks bulky and still has no visible endoskeleton. However, he has 4 sharp fingers that look metallic.

Chainsaw appears during Night 2 and appears in Cam 2. If he is not warded off then he will appear in the hallway, standing just like the other animatronics. The player must lure him back to cam 2 or else he will kill the player.


SMAN is an incarnated version of Seth, he this time has a dark cyan color with a present mouth and sometimes shows cyan pupils.

SMAN appears during Night 5 and Nightmare mode as a boss character. He copies all Animatronic movements and has his own jumpscare. In nightmare mode he still acts the same but very fast.




  • The game was originally gonna be a joke game as stated in the title but was changed later on.
  • The game is based on Five Nights at Candy's 2.


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