Five Night's At Fredbear's Remains is a fan game made by agentpman1.


After a report of a young teen gone missing in an old abandoned freddy fazbear's pizza restaurant found in the middle of nowhere, Someone gets hired to check out the place for 5 nights until they close it down. However, he had later found out that there was a new animatronic in one of the cameras. With only the help of his flashlight, the old, rusty doors, and the cameras to keep him safe until 6 am. Just remember one thing: You are never alone...



The main Antagonist of the game. He isn't so active in nights 1, and 2. But he gets very active in later nights.

Shaded Animatronics

Shaded animatronics are shaded versions of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. They act, and look similar to phantom animatronics in fnaf 3. They don't kill you, but do mess up your ventilation. They look like darker, and more shaded. Freddy has his fnaf 2 appearance, Bonnie has his fnaf 2 appearance, but with a face, Chica has her fnaf 1 appearance, and foxy has his fnaf 1 appearance. They only appear in nights 2 and 3.

Toy Animatronics

Toy animatronics return in this game. However, they are slightly damaged. Mangle and BB are not present. They only appear in the second restaurant.

Toy Freddy

Toy Freddy doesn't have to many damages, but he does have a few cracks in his arms, legs, and body. He is also missing an eyebrow, and his nose.

Toy Bonnie

Toy Bonnie is missing half of one of his ears. His right hand is missing, and his left foot is extremely damaged.

Toy Chica

Toy chica doesn't have to much damages. But she is missing her beak, and has some cracks on her body. Her left eye is completely endoskeleton, while the right is normal.

The Puppet

The Puppet isn't damaged, but he does have a few changes. His tears are dark blue, and his stripes are purple.

Purple Guy Animatronic

The Purple Guy Animatronic is a small easter egg that can appear in any night. He looks exactly like Roxo1987's purple guy, but he is a darker shade of purple, and is completely eyeless. He acts similar to golden freddy from the second fnaf game, and has a similar jumpscare. However, he crashes the game.

That isn't the only thing he can do, however. On very rare occasions, he can replace your desktop with an eyeless picture of FRED. You can always change it back, however.

He can appear at any night.


Vandal is only active on nights 4 to 5. He is extremely active, and can sometimes appear right away. He can emit a loud noise which can lure the animatronics to you. If you don't get him out of your office, he'll jumpscare you.

Freddy Fazbear

Freddy himself appears in the game, as an easter egg. Sometimes on cam 8 or 7 (get it? lol), A poster of Freddy With human eyes will appear. If You get attacked by FRED, Freddy will jumpscare you instead. This only happens on night 5, and it's extremely rare.


Smiley is an unknown Animatronic that appears in your office on rare occasions. He will stay there for a while, but he will eventually jumpscare you. He crashes your game, and leaves a picture of Smiley on your desktop.

Phone Calls

Night 1 Call

"Uh..Hello? Hello Hello? Uh.. Hello and welcome to your new night guard job during the investigation at the abandoned fredbear's Family Diner. Uh, now there isn't so much to do time. All you gotta do is look at the cameras, keep people form going in, all that. Now, uh...There is a catch. Remember the previous locations where the animatronics would come to life or something? Well, uh..This is kinda the same thing, but luckly there's only one, so don't worry! Uh...Now remember to check the cameras, keep people from getting in, and remember this one thing. DON'T forget to check the ventilation. I'll tell you, the hallucinations you can see can be VERY crazy! So just don't forget, ok? Good. Anyway, have a good night, and i'll talk to you tommorow."
―Phone Guy

Night 2 Call

"Uh, hello? Hello hello? Uh..Hey man! Nice job! Night 2! Anyway,You may notice that there is something in the parts and service room. Uh, that's actually an old, and I mean VERY old, animatronic suit from the oldest freddy fazbear's pizza restaurant. It was used for a short time, but he was later removed because of...well...reasons...Uh..But it shouldn't be too active. Right? Oh well. Anyway, uh..Just a quick reminder by the way. Uh the building in going to be investigated very soon. So, uh..You're going to be in another Freddy fazbear's pizza restaurant! It's going to be a brand new one, though. So don't worry! Anyway, I'll tell you more about this new restaurant soon! See you soon, and i'll talk to you tomorrow."
―Phone guy

Night 3 Call

"Hello? Hello hello? Uh...Hey there! Night 3! You're doing great! Uh..Not just a little heads up, uh.. The place you are in right now is going to be investigated soon. So, uh..You'll be working at the new location tomorrow. More info on this will be shed tomorrow. Soyeah. Uh, now we believe that the other props in the place you are in are going to be remade, and used in the new restaurant, so uh..that's a thing, I guess! We'll be re-using the Toy animatronics, but they have been scrapped for a while now, so they might be a bit dusty and glitchy. But we should fix them up soon! Anyway, just get ready for tomorrow! Ok, I'll see you so- (there is a banging on the door.) Oh no..please not now! No! Uh, ignore what's happening right now! I'll see you soon! I hope...(There is a glass breaking sound.) Oh no......(An animatronic screech is heard, and then we hear static.)"
―Phone Guy, dying.



Test Thing

Test Thing

Five Nights at Fredbear's Remains Test Animatic

Five Nights at Fredbear's Remains Test Animatic


  • Mangle and BB don't appear in the game, unlike the other toy animatronics. However, they do appear in the minigames.
  • This is FRED's first appearance in a game. He may appear in other games, but this has yet to be confirmed.
  • This was the first time Bonnie from fnaf 2 appears with a face.