The next gen animatronics belong to XxVampwolfiexX- also known as Vampwolfie on DeviantART

2nd Generation

The children of Freddy and Maya, Bonnie and Chica and Foxy and Mangle. 

The daughter of Freddy and Maya-Kaya-grows up to be the Lead Singer in the Kaya Fazbear's Pizzeria Band. The male twin of Bonnie and Chica-August-grows up to be a backup singer, while the female twin-Mia-grows up to be a Guitarist. The son of Foxy and Mangle-Sparkle-grows up to be a building toy while their daughters-Emily and Maria-become dancers.

All the children-except Sparkle grow up to love their parents. Sparkle however, hates the fact that they have to kill humans-specifically night guards-which leads him to be one creative building toy. Kaya tends to spend most of her time with August while Mia is almost always with her trio-Emily and Maria. Sparkle is a loner-much like his father-and the closest he does to communicating is either with his father, night guards or Kaya.

When their parents are replaced by them, Kaya's hyper and laid back side becomes more serious and she treats everyone their rank-except August. August is a little less serious than Kaya-but more hotheaded and fierce, often getting into fights whenever he can. Mia, Emily and Maria are more bloodthirsty and they start doing things together, rarely following the rules. Sparkle is left out by almost everyone-except Kaya-who he tries to be next to most of the time.

The gang are now fully fledged members of the Pizzeria and most of them try their best to fill their parents' footsteps. Though they start to have personal lives, that doesn't stop them from doing their job. 

Kaya and August end up having two children while Sparkle and Peggy end up having quadruples.  

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