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Five Night's at Unknowngamer000's is a game that will be released in 2018. It is a game which is like Five nights at Freddy's, but with different Animatronics.

Animatronics Edit


Golden Unknown Gamer

Birthday Boom Bill

Mini Clown

Mr. Complexity

CAMs Edit

CAM 1 Edit

The Show Stage. this is where Unknowngamer000 and Mr. Complexity Start.

CAM 2-A Edit

This is the Left Hallway. Unknowngamer000, Mr. Complexity and Mini Clown Go Through Here.

CAM 2-B Edit

This is the Right Hallway. Golden Unknown Gamer and Birthday Boom Bill Go Through Here.

CAM 3 Edit

Parts and Service Center. a Bare Endoskelloten Starts Here, and although it won't kill you, it will give you hallucinations. This is Where Golden Unknown Gamer Starts

CAM 4 Edit

The Party Area. Birthday Boom Bill will start Here. Unknowngamer will sometimes come through here to get to Where CAM 3 is.

CAM 5 Edit

The Kitchen. Mini Clown starts here.

CAM 6 Edit

The East wing. Not much to say.

CAM 7 Edit

The West Wing. Like CAM 6, Not much to say.

CAM 8 Edit

An Arcade. An Easter Egg can be found here, where you find a suit that looks like Unknowngamer000, but different. I Wonder... Mini Clown Comes Through here.

Office Edit

The Same as The FNaF 1 Office, but it looks kind of like the FNaF 2 Office.

Game Over Edit

Shows You in a Unknowngamer000 Suit, Eyes popped out, and with Unknowngamer000 crying next to it, for unknown reasons.

Custom Night Edit

It's the 7th Night in the game. This is The Key:

0-5: Easy

6-13: Medium

14-19: Hard

20-25: Very Hard

26-30: Expert

30 x 5 Edit

The Hardest Challenge in the game. if you beat the night, You'll Get a Cutscene, Where you get a call from... "Someone"... and the Call Goes Like This:

(Static Noises)

???: H-h-he-hello. You Must go and quit your job. N-N-NOW..... Or- Or Else, wEll, We'll have to OOOOPPPEEENNN a NeWWW Resturant...

(Call End)

after THAT, a new Resturant Opens... This may be Forshadowing a Sneek Peek for Five Nights at Unknowngamer000's 2.

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