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Five Nights is a game which is a bit of FNaF 2 but more of ONaF 2. It took place in January 4, 2017.

Plot summary






Foxy 3.0(replaces Foxy because of the Bite of '87)

Toy Freddy


The Mangle


Golden Freddy

Animatronic Facts

  • Freddy's jumpscare shows him without his suit on the face revealing bare endoskeleton teeth
    • Similar to Flumpty 's jumpscare from the second game where his face is cracked open.
  • Bonnie's jumpscare is the same as BBB from the second game except that Bonnie has no circular mouth or tentacle-like teeth.
  • Chica's jaw is similar to the one in FNaF 2.
  • Toy Freddy is the same as Grunkfuss the Clown  from the second game. Because he's in your office before jumpscare and easy to notice that you're there.
  • Bonnie.exe has the same role as The Redman  from the second game.
    • They're both viruses, they're red in colour and they have the Red Screen Of Death.
  • With one exception that Bonnie.exe instead crashes your game after jumpscare.
  • Bonnie.exe is also the toy animatronic to not be referred as "toy". Like Mangle from FNaF 2.
  • Mangle's backstory altered. The one who turned her into a pile of mess is Bonnie.exe. She can fix herself but Bonnie.exe dismatled her making a hard chance to make her fixed. It was a punishment for Mangle destroying Freddy and Bonnie.

The Bite of '87

Foxy caused the bite although FNaF 4 revealed Fredbear did it. It's because, the game's story is altered so that the disproven theory becomes very real.

No. of nights


Night 1

Night 2

Night 3

Night 4

Night 5