Five Nights - BTF is a game in collaboration with Fisharts Co. and Scott Cawthon. you play in multiple

Five Nights - Back to Freddy's
[[File:Fnaf - btf|210px|Can you survive all of the nightmares?]]
Can you survive all of the nightmares?
Some attributes
First Fisharts co.
Second Scott Cawthon
Third Clickteam Fusion
Other attributes

Purple Man's story

In this story, you play as William Afton, and attempt to survive Fredbear, Spring Bonnie, and hallucinate a ghost child who brings up your Panic Meter


Fredbear - Fredbear is Purple Mans Story primary antagonist. He is the first to leave the Showstage, and come after Purple Guy

Spring Bonnie - Spring bonnie is Fredbear's companion, and he hunts down purple man. He is slow, but appears on every cam.

Springlock suit - A headless springlock suit, who appears on a random cam, then appears in your office window. stop him by using the Crowbar on him.

The Victim - Victim of the bite, he is your son, and his ghost appears to bring up your panic meter

Deaddy - a strange ghostly bear, appears when your panic meter is full.


Crowbar - used to bar the door, it makes you unable to use the cams and the vent.

Vents - Vents are a returning mechanic from other FNaF games, but in this you can seal the one in your office with a screwdriver. If it is closed too long your oxygen runs out.

Oxygen - Oxygen runs out if the vent is closed too long, and you die. nuff said

Panic Meter - Different things bring up panic, and when it is full, Deaddy kills you. Deaddy possibly represents suicide.


Night One - simple,you look around town for your keys to Parts and Services.

Night two - You explore the pizzeria to find the spring bonnie head to give to an employee.

Night Three - You Find your car keys to drive home.

Night Four - You have to find a crying child somewhere random.

Night Five - You have to evade lights to get to Fredbears and then, inside, you need to get a handcrank, and go into backstage, using the crank on a spare suit.

Flip's story (requested by TotallyUnoriginalContent)

In this story you play as TotallyUnoriginalContents online persona, who is his fanon FNAF 3 guard.


Springtrap - he hunts you down. hide from him

Phantoms - they alert springtrap to your area


Hiding - similar to FNiTC 2, you must hide from antagonists.



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