FNADI is a fan game. It introduces BFDI characters that are out for blood...your blood!


Doorways: There are doorways on the cameras. If something appears there, close the door by pushing the button next to it. If you don't, you get slaughtered. Only one can be closed at a time.

Flashlight: Use this to check the vents.

Smoke Bomb: Throw this down to avoid getting jumpscared by something in the vents.

Freeroam: Wander around the building. If you see something in front of you or near you, RUN! Objects start searching for you when you leave the Office and they enter.

Cake Launcher: Use this to launch cakes down the hallway if you hear banging in there to ward them off.

Teleportation Device: If something enters the Office, use this to teleport you to a random room.

Launcher: Used to throw a character back to the TLC (starting location for almost everyone).

Monitor: Used to keep an eye on the objects.

Power: If the power goes out, run to the Power Room and flip a switch to get power back. If you don't in time, Blocky jumpscares you.

Objects And Non-human living things

Blocky: Starts moving Night 1. If he appears in the Vents, throw down the smoke bomb to avoid a jumpscare. Also kills you during power outage. Close the doors to avoid a jumpscare. If you see him in front of you while wandering the building, RUN. FAST! His normal jumpscare is him headbutting you then throwing you over his shoulder. His power outage jumpscare is him beating you up before throwing you into saws.

Eraser: Starts moving Night 2. Doors, smoke bomb, cake & everything else will prevent his jumpscare, which is him stepping on your skull, breaking it, before biting your head off.

Pen: Starts moving Night 1. Use your defenses to ward him off or he'll kill you. His jumpscare is him removing his cap, then stabbing you in the heart with his marker end.

Flower: Starts moving on Night 2. She's faster than the others and the smoke bomb won't stop her but everything else will. If she's in the vent, run to another room, quickly. Her jumpscare is her grabbing you and then breaking you in half.

Spongy: Starts moving on Night 3. The doors are the only things that'll stop him from killing you. His jumpscare is him stepping all over you.

Woody: Starts on Night 2. Doesn't attack or kill you but will disable everything if he gets in. Use the smoke bomb to prevent this.

Pin: Starts on Night 1. If you see her in a doorway while wandering the building, close it to prevent death. Her jumpscare is her stabbing you in the throat with her point.

Needle: Starts moving Night 2. She doesn't go for the Office, but kills you while wandering the building. The only escape is to run. If you don't, Needle kills you. Her jumpscare is her slapping your head off.

Teardrop: Is an Easter egg. If you walk into the TLC, Teardrop will jumpscare you, which is her grabbing you and releasing a green glow. This makes you run faster and makes it faster to close doors.

Golf Ball: Starts moving Night 3. If you hear her in the hallway, throw a cake to distract her or get killed. Her jumpscare is her removing her legs then rolling into you.

Coiny: If he randomly appears in the Office, pull up the Monitor to avoid death. His jumpscare is him lunging at you and biting.

Snow Ball: Starts moving Night 2. If you close a door on him, he'll growl and punch the door, disabling it for the entire night.

Match: If you stay in the Office too long, she'll jumpscare you by lighting her hair on fire then charging into you.

Tennis Ball: Starts Night 4. If he appears in the Vent, throw down the smoke bomb. His jumpscare is him biting you and throwing you into the wall.

Pencil: If you say outside the Office too long, she will jumpscare you by hitting you with her eraser point.

David: Starts Night 5. Use the teleportation device if he's in the Office. His jumpscare is him lunging at you before saying "Aw seriously?"

Ice Cube: Starts Night 2. She has to be stopped with the doors. Her jumpscare is her charging into you.

Rocky: If he appears in the Office, look away or he'll crash the game.

Bubble: Starts Night 3. Use the smoke bomb to avoid death. Her jumpscare is her headbutting you in the stomach.

Leafy: Starts Night 4. Close the doors on her or she'll jumpscare you by punching you super hard.

Firey: Starts Night 1. If you don't close the doors, he'll jumpscare you by grabbing you and throwing you into him, burning you to a crisp.

Speaker Box, Firey Speaker Box, Flower Speaker Box: Start on Night 1. They start at the elimination area. They will constantly shut off the power. Run to the Power Room to get power back.

Donut: Becomes active Night 3. Use the smoke bomb to avoid death. His jumpscare is him breaking your neck.

Yellow Face: Starts moving on Night 5. If he's at a door, close it. His jumpscare is similar to FNAF 2 Golden Freddy's jumpscare.

Dora: Starts Night 1. If you see her in a random room when wandering the building, RUN. Her jumpscare is her popping up in your face.

Fries: Starts on Night 4. If you hear him in the Hallway, throw a cake down there. His jumpscare is him stabbing you with a fry.

Bomby: Starts moving Night 3. Use the teleportation device to avoid death. His jumpscare is him popping up with a lit fuse before exploding.

Ruby: Starts moving Night 3. Use the cake to avoid death. Her jumpscare is her kicking your head off.

Nickel: Starts moving Night 1. If you encounter him in the vent, use the smoke bomb. His jumpscare is him biting and twisting your neck.

Puffball: Starts moving Night 5. She can fly over the doors, so don't close them. Her jumpscare is her flying into your face while expanding in size.

Gelatin: Starts moving Night 4. Use the smoke bomb to avoid death. His jumpscare is him freezing you then breaking you into pieces.

Book: Starts moving Night 6. She's the fastest and takes everyway to kill you. She replaces everyone on Night 6. Her jumpscare is her smashing you inside of her.

Faceless Mareu:he runs more fast than Flower when he is at the doorway/the vent/or the hallway,use the teleport device to get away from him.His jumpscare is he grabs you and scaring you when his endoskeleton removes into a bone skeleton.

Mareu's Bone skeleton:Like Mareu he only goes into the vent and the doorway but if you see him in the hallway RUN! His jumpscare is Biting you with its sharp teeth.

Virus Mareu:when the cameras are gliched,the virus will come put down your camera so it does'nt appear in the office.his jumpscare is launch you and biting in the face.

Mareu's endoskeleton:He can break the door dont close it.His jumpscare is puting you in a freddy fazbear/springlock suit.

Mareu's Glasses:active on night 3,it will kill you when you flash it for too long dont flash in 9 secs or more,its jumpscare is turn the normal glasses into nightmare glasses and stabbing you with it spike in the eyes.

Mareu's suit:active in night 3,he runs all over the place and finding you dont make eye contact with him or you will die.his jumpscare is more similiar from Photonegative micky's jumpscare in five nights at tresure island.

Note:remember dont let these things to your office or they will kill you

Game Over

The words appear saying "wanna try again"? in blood. You can either restart or quit as blood starts to cover the screen.

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