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Five Nights At Freddy's: Epilepsy is 2017 extremely horror game based on FNAF2, FNAF4 and FNAF Sister Location. It took place in 2074. It's in free roam, FNAF4 moving-like and camera point-and-click. This is a game not for those, who are prone to epilepsy.


Hybrid Freddy

Hybrid Bonnie

Hybrid Chica

Hybrid Cupcake

Hybrid Foxy

Hybrid Premangle

Hybrid Puppet

Hybrid Ginas (Springtrap is in inside)

Hybrid Mini Ginas (Plushtrap is in inside)

Hybrid Endoskeleton

Hybrid Golden Freddy

Hybrid Fredbear

Hybrid Black Freddy

Hybrid Purple Freddy

Hybrid Balloon Boy

Hybrid Balloon Girl

Hybrid Male Funtime Foxy

Virtual Freddy

Jack o' Bonnie (From FNAF4 Halloween)

Jack o' Chica (From FNAF4 Halloween)

Phantom Freddy (from FNAF3)

Withered Bonnie (from FNAF2)

Forgotten Chica (decayed Toy Chica)

Decayed Foxy (gray Withered Foxy)

Scrapped Foxy (aggresive version of Decayed Foxy, in sepia one)

Minigames (WIP)

Some horror minigames are based of Sonic.Exe game.


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