Five Nights At Freddy's: One Last Chance AKA FNAF: OLC is a game made by the company Guyler Corporation AKA Guyler Corp. It is on Gamejolt and Steam. It was released on August 22, 2015. It takes place in the year 2037.


Freddy Fazbear 5.0

He is very tall in the game. He has a yellow bowtie with 3 black buttons. He is a animatronic humanoid brown bear. He also has a black top hat with a yellow stripe. He is first active on Night 1 and onwards. He is the fastest animatronic in this game. He is also the main antagonist. He also carries a black microphone and he starts on the Shows stage along with Bonnie The Bunny and Chica The Animatronic Chicken. He is slightly damaged.

Bonnie The Bunny 5.0

His jaw appears to float in the air. He has a yellow bowtie with 3 black buttons. He is a animatronic Purple rabbit and he carries around a red guitar. He is first active on Night 1 and onwards. He is the 2nd fastest animatronic in this game. He is also the most aggressive character. He starts on the show stage with Freddy Fazbear and Chica The Chicken. He is damaged a little like Freddy 5.0.

Chica The Chicken 5.0

She is tall and has a bib that says Let's Party similar to Toy Chica. Her jaw is completely separate from her head. She is first active on Night 2 and onwards. She carries around a Cupcake who now has sprinkles. She is the 3rd fastest character. She is the slowest out of the main 3. She also starts on the show stage with Freddy and Bonnie The Bunny. She is also damaged like Freddy.

Foxy The Pirate Fox 5.0

He is first active on Night 2 and onwards. He has a black pirate captain hat along with a black eyepatch. He still has his brown pants. He has no hook but has a peg leg. He starts in Pirate's Cove along with Foxy Jr. He acts different than other games. Infact you do not need to keep checking on him. He is a fox and is damaged.

Foxy Jr. The Pirate Fox

He is first active on Night 1. Unlike previous games he is not a dummy/puppet and he is now a animatronic and can walk around. He starts in Pirate's Cove. He looks like a smaller version of his father except he has no peg leg or hat. You must keep on watching him or he dashes to your office. You must close the door or he attacks you ending the night.

Kate The Cat 5.0

Kate The Cat returns. Now she has pink fur. She still has her top hat and cane. But her red cheeks are gone. She also has a blue bowtie. She is first active on Night 1 and onwards. She starts in the Story Room. She is very swift and fast. She also has a blue stripe on her black top hat. She also has black long whiskers. She is withered.

Dylan The Human 5.0

Dylan is first active on Night 1. He starts in the Arcade. He is slow. He has red cheeks along with brown hair and a yellow bowtie. Also he now has a top hat. He also has a cane. He has green eyes. His top hat has a red stripe on it. He and Freddy are the 2 main antagonists. In this game it is revealed he used to have his own restraint in the 1950's. He is also withered.

Kenny The Koala

He is a new animatronic and a minor antagonist. He is a humanoid koala animatronic. He has leaf like ears along with a red bow tie with 3 black buttons. He is first active On Night 1. He is the only character who can go through the vents. He is also gray along with a black nose. He also had red eyes that glow. He also has a child inside this character. He starts in the Food area. He is based of Koly The Koala from TRTF 4. He also has green eyes.

Victor The Snake 5.0

He is first active on Night 3 and he is a green snake with a blue bowtie. He starts in the Prize Corner. And no he is not like the puppet. He also has no one inside him. He is the smallest animatronic in the whole entire game. He has black eyes. Also in his jumpscare his mouth seems to bite your head.


He is first active on Night 6. His left ear is completely gone, and his left ear's top is gone with wires coming out of it. He still has The Purple Man inside him. His human like eyes are falling out of the suit. His chest is covered in lots of holes. His feet and hands are endoskeleton hands. They have blood on them. He is defended of with the audio.

Shadow Freddy

He can appear on any night. He is made of black metal and has a black top hat. His endoskeleton is visible. He has glowing white eyes and teeth and a microphone. He can jumpscare you. He randomly appears in your office.


Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy AKA Fredbear was the mascot of Fredbear's Family Diner in 1973. In this game he rarely appears on any night. He has a black top hat and is yellow and has wires coming out of his eyes. His feet are ripped off revealing his Endoskeleton feet and he has a purple bowtie. He also carries a black microphone. He can kill you only if you keep on looking at Him. It is unknown where he starts in the game.

Golden Dylan

He was made around 1950 as it says on the Extras menu. He looks like Dylan except he is heavily damaged and is yellow. He sometimes appears in a slumped over position in your office. He has a black top hat with brown hair, Empty Eye Sockets and a black bowtie, He also has a cane. It is unknown where his starting location/position is in the pizzeria.


Hello we are looking for a night guard to watch over our arcade called Freddy Fazbear Funtime. You must watch over the animatronic characters to make sure nothing goes wrong. Also do not mess with the animatronics. We will pay you 900 bucks, just kidding we will pay you 1 dollar. Also if you die I will get to do anything I want with the body. So come on down!


Night 1

This is the easiest night. Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy Jr, Dylan, Kate and Kenny are active. Your main concern should be Kenny The Koala and Foxy Jr. Also sometimes you will rarely see Golden Freddy or maybe Golden Dylan. Most people make it threw this night due to it's easy difficulty. Also at 5:00 AM you will see Foxy's head peeking out of the curtain.

Night 2

This is the 2nd easiest night in the game. Foxy and Chica become active. Your main concern should be Freddy and Foxy. Also all previous animatronics from the last night such as Kenny will still be active. You will still rarely see Golden Freddy and Golden Dylan. This night is not very hard. But people usually die for there 1st time on this night.

Night 3

This is when in the game the Nights start getting hard. Victor The Snake becomes active. Also your main concern should be Kate The Cat. Also all previous animatronics in this game even hallucinations can be seen. Most people die on this night at there 1st try. This night's difficulty is a little over Medium. Also you may see a easter egg on this night.

Night 4

This night is one of the hardest nights in the game. All previous characters will be active. And your main concern should be Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Kenny The Koala. Also there is a 49% chance you will hallucinate and see one of the Golden Animatronics. Most people fail a lot on this Night. Also the difficulty is higher than before.

Night 5

This is one of the hardest nights in the game. All characters can appear. There is a 58% chance of hallucinations. Your main concern should be Kate, Dylan. Foxy Jr and Kenny The Koala. Most people fail on this night. This night is very hard. And the difficulty is also even higher than last night. And there is a rare FNAFB easter egg.

Night 6

This is the kind of the 3rd hardest Night. Your main concern should be The Hallucinations because they will keep on Distracting you a lot All animatronics will be active. The FNAFB easter egg can still happen. Also The phone guy explains why Jeff has not returned. There us a 80% chance of hallucinations on this night. Also Springtrap becomes active on this night.

Night 7

This is the custom Night. You can change Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Foxy Jr, Dylan, Kate, Kenny and Victor's AI. Also Golden Freddy and Golden Dylan's AI can be changed too. Also the phone call is very short. It is the shortest call in the whole game. The chance of Hallucinations depends on what AI you pick for the Golden Animatronics.

Night 8

This is a secret night and the hardest night. If you wan to get the good ending you must win this night. All character's AI will be set over 20 to ... 30. The phone call is actually longer than Night 7's call for some weird reason. There is a 100% chance of Hallucinations. The FNAFB easter egg can happen on rare occasions.


  • Show Stage: Freddy, Bonnie and Chica start here. At day Freddy and the 2 others play music for the children.
  • Laser Tag Area: Some animatronics go through here.
  • Food Area: Kenny starts here. Chica can go through this area.
  • Kitchen: Kenny and Chica go through here.
  • Play Area: Kenny and Chica go through here.
  • Pirate's Cove: Foxy and his son start here. Kenny can walk through this area. Chica just hops over this room for some reason.
  • Party room: Freddy and Bonnie go through here.
  • Arcade: Dylan starts here. Freddy, Bonnie and Victor go through here.
  • Prize Corner: Victor The Snake starts here.
  • Story Room: Kate starts here and reads at day. Chica And Kenny go through here.
  • West Hall: Kate, Chica and Kenny go through this area.
  • East Hall: Victor, Freddy, Bonnie and Dylan go through here.


Blake Dawson

He is the Main protagonist of the game and is the night guard. You play as him in all the nights. He has long Blonde hair and black eyebrows and a Night Guard uniform with a Blue Cap. The blue cap says Freddy Fazbear's Funzone. Under that it says the words Night Guard in Black.

Mr. L

You never actually get to see him but he gives you phone calls and calls himself Mr. L. He is actually very nice to the player and every night he wishes you good luck. He is a male.

Gerald Smith

He calls you on Night 8. Not much is known about him.

The Gray Man

He appears in the Minigames. He appears to be murdering people. Also at the 5th night minigame it shows him chasing a boy but then he slips on a paper and gets killed in a Golden Dylan suit. He is a gray man with a golden badge. He appears in 3 minigames. He is a male.

Night 1 call

Hey Mr. Dawson what's up? Anyway it's me Mr. L. So Welcome to your 1st day Freddy Fazbear's Funzone. So Blake this is our last shot. This will be our last location. If one more person dies Fazbear Entertainment and this place will close for good. We need to keep it open for the kids. They need to be happy. So one more incident and we will permanently close forever. Also at this new pizzeria we made a brand new character known as Kenny. I always liked that Thing. Anyway if the characters get close to your office you should hide in that Bonnie Mask we gave you. Also the characters will be Freddy, Bonnie, Kenny and Foxy Jr. We gave Foxy's son the ability to walk around. He now not just a puppet anymore. Also you have cameras to watch over the animatronic characters too make sure they do not get you. Also Chica is not here today. Also get the tablet out and look at the characters. It's only 6 hours okay. I believer you will do it. If they get there hands on you they will um..... stuff you into one of those animatronic suits. So watch out. Anyway do not let them get you so Good Luck and Good Night.

Night 2 call

Hey Blake it's me Mr. L again. I am so happy you made it. Most Guides would not care if you live. But I just have too care. So all previous animatronics will return in this night. If you do not remember the previous characters they are Freddy, Bonnie, Dylan, Kate, Kenny and Foxy Jr. Today Foxy and Chica will become active. Also Chica is very slow. You do not have too worry about her. Also watch Kenny I do not trust that Koala. Also again if they get close just hid under your desk. And I am not really sure what to do if they see you. I think they just.... Kill you. So Blake you will see our extra suit Golden Freddy in the back room. So he was from our 1st ever location Fredbear's Family Diner. He bit a kid in 83. And he got dirty easily. I think he may move. Just watch him. Also watch the Golden Dylan suit too. You may never know what they do. So just try to live. It's only 12:00 AM to 6: 00 AM. So remember watch those characters. And so that's it. So Good Luck and Good Night. Bye Blake.

Night 3 call

Hey I knew you could make it. You deserve a raise. You know you do not have too work here. You can get another job. Anyway all the last animatronics are here such as My favorite Kenny. Also today Victor will start moving. He is hard to see since he is so small and short. Also did the Spring Lock Suits move? Probably not but watch Golden Freddy and Golden Dylan. Some guards say they saw them move. Also keep an eye on Kate The Cat. Kate is very fast. Also we are doing good. We are counting on you Blake. We are. Also watch Foxy Jr. he runs very fast. Also watch Kenny my old pal. Also I am forgetting the characters. But I know we have Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy Jr and Kenny. And Kate. So just watch those cameras and hide under that desk. It should be relatively easy. And tonight is not a east night. Just saying. So it's only 6 hours. 12 to 6. So just try to stay alive. Do not let anyone break in or animatronics break out. Good Night, Good Luck and see you tomorrow.

Night 4 call

Hey Blake I am happy you made it. Anyway all characters will be active. The full list is Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Kenny, Victor, Kate and Dylan. And now were pretty sure the Spring-Lock suits can move. So watch Golden Freddy and The Old Version Of Dylan. Also keep an eye on Kenny he has been acting up at the pizzeria. He malfunctioned yesterday. But luckily no one was harmed. Anyway just watch those CAMS and characters. And please hide under your desk when they are close. That is the best idea for survival. So I can not talk for too long. They get more active as the weak progresses. So it's only a couple hours. I thick you can make it Blake. I believe in you. So I kind of need to go. They are moving already. It is not safe. Good Bye and Good Luck. See you later..

Night 5 call

Hey it is me Mr. L. Happy you could make it. So all the last characters will be here. And also I do not know where those Golden Suits are in the building. They just pop up and have no starting location. Also keep an eye on Kenny he still has been acting odd. Also keep on watching the CAMS. And how did you make it this far? Barely anyone has done this? Well good job. Also tonight will be hard. Very hard. Just try to live. So I need to go. Freddy is getting close by. (Footsteps) (Mr. L hangs up)

Night 6 call

Hello you know you could have just quit your job by now. So tonight is very hard. It is no where close to easy. So just keep an eye on all the suits such as Freddy. Also remember keep an eye on The Spring-lock suits. So this is not safe for any of us to be here. Alright? So I kind of need to go. Just watch those CAMs and hide under your desk when you need to. So I you could make it. You might. Anyway good luck and Good Night. Bye. Also they are getting closer each night (Mr. L hangs up)

Night 7 call

(Disorted voice)Why are you here? You should be ashamed. Just why? So just try to live if you can. Why? This job is the opposite of safe. You must leave. now. Just watch those CAMs or die. Just die. I really do not care. It is me Freddy Fazbear I am so sorry for what I have done I need to go. The Shadow and his minions are following me. Please help. Just live. Help me or don't. So someone else will call you you tomorrow if you live(Hangs up)

Night 8 call

Hello I am Gerald Smith. This is a recorded message. So you made it this far? Good job! Anyway watch those animatronics and CAMS. And it's 1999 right now so I Freddy will probably still be there. Do not worry about him. Well he may be faster when you are listening. Anyway when they get close either Hide under your desk, Freddy Mask, Taser or Door. It depends. So keep an eye on the Golden Suits. They will act up quite a lot actually. I have seen them move I was the previous guard. Also we are not responsible To Death or injury to one's self. Well it would be your fault. Blah Blah Blah. You get that part. You do not need to worry. Well you kind of due. Also the animatronics will try to stuff you into a Freddy Fazbear suit. And we have a pretty bad history. So we are going to close soon. Also you may hallucinate and see Shadow Creatures. Well one looks like a Bear and the other looks like a Bunny. Also if you are getting a call from me most likely no Phone Guides are available for you right now. So good luck mate.


  • After you beat Night 8 it shows your Paycheck and Then the music Spooky Scary Skeletons plays in the background of the game.
  • In the beta version of the game instead of the game saying Spooky Scary Skeletons at the end it said Smoke Weed Everyday.
  • You can unlock Plushies of all the Animatronics in this game besides a Golden Dylan Plush.
  • The name of the pizzeria in this fan game is called Freddy Fazbear Funtime.