Five Night At Freddy's: Remastered is a remake of Five Night At Freddy's. It is the newest game made by Guyler Corporation. It takes place in 1993 at the 3rd Freddy Fazbear's Pizza ever made. You play as Mike Schmidt where you must survive 5 night against Freddy Fazbear and his friends. You only have two doors and cameras. It is the remake of the original Five Nights At Freddy's.


Freddy Fazbear

He is the main antagonist of the game. He is first active on Night 3. But on Night 1 and Night 2 he can still appear when the power goes out. He is a fat brown bear animatronic with a black top hat, a black nose and a microphone. He also has a black bowtie. He starts on the Show stage. He does not appear in the blind spot but in the camera right next to the office. When you see him in the camera next to the office you must close the door to prevent a game over. His path is Show Stage - Dining Area - Fazbear Arcade - East Hall- East Hall Corner.


He is one of the main antagonists of the game. He is first active on Night 1 along with Chica. He attacks from the left door. Bonnie is a purple bunny animatronic with lavender eyes. He also has purple bunny ears and a red bowtie. He starts on the Show stage. His movement pattern is Show Stage - Dining Area - Fazbear Arcade - West Hall - West Hall Corner. You must close the doors to prevent Bonnie from jumpscaring the player. When he is in the office you can hear strange moans.


She is one of the main antagonists of the game. She is first active on Night 1 along with Bonnie. You must close the doors to prevent Chica from killing the player. She attacks from the Right door. She is a yellow chicken animatronic with black eyebrows and lavender eyes. She has 3 tufts of "hair" on her head. She also has a bib that says Let's Eat in big yellow letters. On the bib their appears to small colorful rectangles. She starts on the Show Stage. Her pattern is Show Stage - Dining Area - Fazbear Arcade - Kitchen- East Hall- East Hall Corner. When she is in the office you will hear strange moans.

Foxy The Pirate

He is one of the main antagonists. He is first active on Night 2. He starts in Pirate's Cove you must constantly keep checking on him to make sure he is not gone. You cannot check him to much. You can not check him too little. You must use the doors to prevent Foxy from attacking the player. He will dash to your office if not check to much or to little. His movement pattern is Pirat'e Cove - Arcade of the Sea- Foxy's Maze - East Hall - East Hall Corner. He is a red fox animatronic with sharp teeth and a long snout. He has a black eyepatch and brown shorts. He is withered a little also.

Golden Freddy/Fredbear 3.0

He is a minor antagonist in this game. He can appear on any night. Very rarely when you look in the East Hall Corner Freddy Fazbear's poster will be changed to a Golden Freddy poster. When you look at it and flip up the camera, Golden Freddy will appear in your office. You must put up the camera to make him go away. If you do not you will get jumpscared. He will even appear in the office when both doors are closed. Golden Freddy is a hallucination in this game. He looks like Freddy but Golden and black eyes.


Night 1

This is the easiest night in the whole game. Only Bonnie and Chica are active. This night helps players get used to the atmosphere of the game. Freddy will only appear in the player made the power go out. Golden Freddy can possibly appear if you look at his rarely appearing poster. This night is obviously very easy. Bonnie will appear at the office once while Chica appears 2 times. You must survive to 6 AM. You get a phonecall.

Night 2

This is the 2nd easiest night. Bonnie and Chica are active. And Foxy also becomes active. Most Player's get jumpscared their first time on this night. Golden Freddy can still appear if you look at his poster. And Freddy still can if the power goes out. The night is fairly difficult. But it is still like a introduction. You still must survive to 6 AM. You still get a phonecall like last night. You must keep on checking Foxy to make sure he has not left Pirate's Cove.

Night 3

This night is pretty hard. Bonnie, Chica and Foxy are still active. Also Freddy Fazbear becomes active this night. You must still watch Foxy not to less. But now you can't watch him too much and if the player does Foxy will dash to the office. Golden Freddy can still appear on this night. You still get a phone call like the last two nights. You still must survive to 6: 00 AM. You power drains down even faster than before. The Golden Freddy poster is more likely to happen now.

Night 4

This night is very difficult. The animatronics will appear at the door a lot. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy are active. Golden Freddy's poster appearing has even a higher chance of happening. The power on this night will drain down faster. Most players will fail on this night over and over again. The night is not really easy at all. The night is the 3rd hardest (4th if you are at 20/20/20/20 mode). Also now keeping the monitor up when a animatronic is their won't work anymore. The animatronic will now just flip the monitor down and jumpscare you. You also still get a phone call.

Night 5

This is one of the hardest nights in the whole entire game. All the previous animatronics are active. Pirate's Cove must be checked in a very balanced fashion. The Golden Freddy poster has even a higher chance to appear. Also the animatronics will constantly appear at the doors. This night is no where close to easy. You must survive to 6 00 AM and the door' power goes down faster. The player must use their power very wisely. Most players lose get jumpscared a lot when they are on this night.

Night 6

This is the hardest (if not including 20/20/20/20/20 mode). All the previous animatronics are active. They will constantly appear at the door. Pirate's Cove should be checked every 20 seconds. The Golden Freddy Poster will most likely appear which summons Golden Freddy. This is the 1st extra night. You still get a phone call. You still must survive to 6: 00 AM. The power goes down as fast as last night. Most players will lose on this night.

Custom Night

Unlike the original FNAF you can now also customize Golden Freddy's AI. Freddy's, Bonnie's, Chica's, Foxy's and Golden Freddy's AI can be changed. 1 - 5 is easy. 5 - 10 is Medium. 10 - 14 is Hard. And 15 - 20 is Extreme. This night's difficulty depends on which AI is chosen. Also if you set a animatronic' AI to Zero they will not be active on the night you are on. You still must survive to 6: 00 AM and their is still a phone call.


Story Mode

This is where you go through all the nights as seen up their.

Multiplayer Mode

If you choose Multiplayer mode you can play with other Players, you will be in the same office and you must try to go through the 5 nights.

Animatronic Mode

This is where you play as one of the Animatronics and try to kill the guard.

Roam Mode

After you beat Night 7 you will be able to roam around the pizzeria. The animatronics will be turned of. You will get time to explore the Pizzeria.

Phone Calls

Night 1 call

Hello? Hello? Oh hey Mike welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. We had 2 previous locations that your friend worked their. Their names were Jeremy and Adam. So let's get the legal stuff. Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for Death Or Dismemberment. If said Body is not found in 90 days it will still be your fault. So at night the Animatronics do tend to roam around. And at night since their is no noise they will try to find someone in the restaurant to entertain. But they recognize you as a endoskeleton for some random reason. So when they see you they will stuff you into a Animatronic suit. Which will um.... Kill you. And remember these Animatronics hold a special place in the hearts of children. So don't damage them. If you do we will sue you. And you may go to jail for damaging property. And they must be kept on at night so their servos don't lock up. So today, I think Bonnie And Chica are active. Bonnie is the bunny, and Chica is the chicken. Also if they get near then close the doors. And you got some Cameras too. Yeah that's it Good Luck and Good Night

Night 2 call

Hey man second night, I knew you could make it! Anyway hey Mike Happy you made it through your first shift here at Freddy Fazbear's. Also as the days progress the animatronics will tend to become more active. They will be more aggressive, faster and harder to deal with on this night. So yeah Bonnie and Chica will still be active. So do what you did last night with the doors. And now Foxy The Pirate Fox is active. Yeah he was my favorite. He is out of order because we think he attacked, a child. Also recently a dog attacked Foxy. So Foxy is pretty damaged. So you should keep an eye on him he, wants to have attention. If you do not watch him he will dash to the office. So close the doors if that happens. Also we are going to close in a year. And we are also planning a new location after we close. It's going to be called um, Fazbear Fright. You could work their I guess. So yeah... Tonight will be kind of difficult. Just don't do anything stupid. You go that? Good Luck and Good Night. See Ya.

Night 3 call

Hello I am surprised you are alive wait, I mean... Sorry for saying that. Anyway Mike welcome back to your 3rd night here at your Night shift. So Freddy, Bonnie and Foxy are still active. When near shut the doors. And still keep an eye on Foxy. Also now you can't watch him too much. Also now the main mascot Freddy Fazbear is active. He likes to hide from the cameras. He doesn't want to be seen. So he is going to be hard to find and deal with. So yeah. Just don't get attacked by the animatronics. I will tell the truth, I think you will get killed tonight. Sorry for saying that but I am being honest about what will most likely happen. Anyway just try not to screw up. One screw up will likely lead to Death. And I forgot to tell you. Your power is limited. We don't want our energy bill skyrocketing into the heavens. Anyway just please don't die or quit. I don't want to work here. Also please don't quit. This is my last week hear and I want to get through it. So good luck and Good bye.

Night 4 call

Hey Mike how did you live? This makes no sense. (walking) (gulp) Um.... I will probably not be able to send a message to you tomorrow. The animatronics are um..... getting near me. Also please keep an eye on the heads in the backstage. I don't trust those heads (Freddy laughs) Oh, No (Foxy runs to office) (Bonnie and chica moan) (Freddy plays his jingle) (Golden Freddy moans) No, No No!! (call ends)

Night 5 call

Hello Mike, happy you made it through Night 4! Also sorry about what happened to Jerry last night. The animatronics, attacked him. So tonight Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy will be here tonight. Also tonight will be very hard to go through. And tomorrow and the next day could you please work then? I don't want to go through the shift again. I don't want to die. Anyway Freddy Fazbear's is planning to close not in a year. But earlier. Also Foxy has been acting weird lately. Yeah he bit someone. We already had 2 previous bites! One in 83 one in 87, Now 93! Anyway if they get near then you close the doors. You have limited power and cameras. Also you can turn the fan off if you want. So you really have nothing to worry about. You can do this. No, you will do this! Anyway Good Luck and Good Night. Bye.

Night 6 call

Hey man, thanks for taking the extra 2 day shift. I really don't want to deal with those Animatronics. Also tonight the animatronics will be very active. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and still Foxy will be here. We will probably close down pretty soon. So you have nothing to worry about. Just try not to get killed by the animatronics. Close the doors when necessary, check the cameras every 20 seconds. Do that and you should be fine. Anyway just please don't die. I don't want to work on the shift. Just, please live. Also tonight will be very difficult. Just live. Anyway Good Luck and Good Night.

Night 7 call

I can't explain my appreciation for you working overtime. I am really happy that you did this. Also the animatronic' AI is Extremely high. And please don't hack into their AI's. Don't. I don't have much to say. Please Live and Good Night.


Fredbear's: Do enter this minigame you must double click on The Freddy Plush's nose. You will be at Fredbear's Family Diner and Fredbear and Springbonnie are at their. Outside a Purple man drives up to a child outside and then shoots him. Then it ends.

Dylan's: You will be at Dylan's Diner. A man will be trying the new suit called Chain-Lock suit. He gets in the Ralph chain lock suit. He then walks around the diner and then trips and falls and the gears kill him. The suit has blood coming out of it. All the children start crying then it ends.

Adam's: You will play as Ralph in the saferoom and you will roam around. And when you bump into Walter he chases you. You must run as fast as you can to survive the minigame.

Fredbear and Friends': You will play at the closed down Fredbear and Friends. You will play as the new Fredbear' You will roam around you will then bump into the Purple man, he then sees you and attacks.

New and Improved: You are at The new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. You will play as Toy Foxy running around singing to kids. The purple man tells the children about something. The kids run to Toy Foxy and take yes (remember Scott said that was it's gender) apart.

1st: You are at the first FFP. You will stand their as Unwithered Foxy and watch the horror.


Night 1 beaten: You will be viewing in a camera for a factory. The purple guy comes and hides in the Freddy Fazbear suit as cops come by. Then Bonnie appears to walk off the camera. Then Foxy (who was fixed then) appears to take Mr. Carter out of the suit then throws him on the floor then chases him.

Night 2 beaten: You will play as Golden Freddy and be watching as The Golden Guys Pizza (my fanfiction location) closes. Then Golden Freddy gets thrown into a pit of fire by the Turquoise Man. Golden Freddy teleports the man into the fire and they burn together.

Night 3 beaten: You play as Foxy when he was fixed. He comes to play around with some kids and then he goes back to the cove. They you see a man wearing dark clothes. When you walk back of the kids are dead. Then the cutscene ends.

Night 4 beaten: You will play as Freddy Fazbear at night. You will try to attack the guard. After this cutscene is seen the Animatronic Mode is unlocked on the menu.

Night 5 beaten: You play as the Phone guy. You will be sitting down in a unknown room. You will be talking but as you do the animatronics go in a circle around you then all attack you at once.