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Five Nights At Frika's
Some attributes
First When abbreviated,it becomes F.N.A.F.
Second ITS ME
Other attributes

Description Edit

Umm,hi! Glad you showed up! It's gonna be interesting this time!

Can you survive five nights?

Gameplay Edit

Doors Edit

Doors are your main defense against Frika,Fredbear and Spring-bonnie.They use power.

Audio Edit

Audio lets you stop Frika and co. from getting to your office.There is a cooldown between use and if you don't reboot it from time to time,it won't work.

Rebooter Edit

Lets you reboot cameras,ventilation and audio devices.

Ventillation Edit

If animatronics are in the vents,you must seal that vent,if you don't reboot it,you can't seal them.

Cameras Edit

Help you check where certain animatronics are.

Animatronics Edit

Frika Edit

Goes in the vents and always comes when you run out of power.

Fredbear Edit

Wanders a lot and uses the doors to get in.

Spring-bonnie Edit

Uses vents,Does not actually kill you,only disables ventilation,you have to reboot it.


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