Five Nights At jurrasic world is a crossover of five nights at Freddys and Jurrasic park. the story is you are a security guard of the new jurrasic world theme park. only problem is that a freak storm has let out some of the dinosaurs and woke up.... something else. can you survive the five nights at this park without becoming prey to these ferocious prehistoric monsters.


Rex The Tyrannosaurus: The most famous dinosaur in history is out of his cage and is looking to feed on some humans... specifically you. this thing is not hard to miss but if it catches you, its game over.

Veloci the raptor: the biggest of the velociraptors, he has always been aggressive but now that he is out, he's looking to find you and tear your heart out, he's not so difficult to find but he is EXTREMELY fast, and you must keep an eye on him as he is very unpredictable.

Deker the Dilophosaurus : remember the dinosaur that spit that black stuff at the fat guy, yeah he here to and whats worse is that he can cover the cameras in that stuff, making it difficult to see him, he is also kinda small so he is hard to find, but he will give you a shock when he stares into the camera with his frill outstretched.

Indominus: The new hybrid attraction, this massive albino dinosaur is very aggresive and will not hesitate to fight the other dinosaurs to get to you, just be careful if you see his red eyes staring at you in the dark or you'll be dead before you can shut the door.

Spike the Spinosaurus: This monster has been living on the island in his own little aquatic santuary, only coming out when its feeding time or when the guests are around. he is aggresive and will fight the others in order to get to you, you can spot him though when his sail is coming toward you.

Tricera the triceratops: This massive horned dinosaur is a plant eater but he is by no means passive, he is a very gumpy dinosaur as he does not like the guests very much and gets disturbed easy, good thing is you know he's coming if you hear massive stomping and snorting coming toward your office.

Mr.Yolk: This is what happens when you Pump To much chemicals into a dinosaur egg, this massive egg creature is kept in the kitchen and only comes out when he is not being watched, careful, if you here a strange sloshing sound coming toward you, close the door and pray he cant beat it down cause if he does, you better pray to god his eyesight isnt very good.

More Coming soon

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