Five Nights At Snowstruck's is Snowstruck's own place. Like freddy fazbear's


Bracer- Bracer is one of snowstruck's best friend. He is part of Snowstruck Destruction's Pizza.

Brittney The Bat- Brittney is the newest animatronic at SDP/FNAS. She is friends with Snowstruck and Bracer.

Snowstruck Destruction- Snowstruck is the leader of Snowstruck Destruction's Pizzeria. At night Brittney wants to kill the nightguard. You have till Snowstruck arrives in your office.

Neko The Cat- The newest animatronic at SDP. She and the animatronics are bffs

Fawn The Acadamey Deer- The smartest of the bunch. she is friends with Bracer and Snowstruck.


One day Blueflame(Experiment) Made an RP Called Five Nights At Snowstruck's When the RP Ended the creator decided to make a page of FNAS.


  • Winter Palace- where Snowstruck is
  • Showstage- Where Bracer and Neko are.
  • Right Vent- Only Brittney and Neko uses this vent
  • Right Vent- Only bracer and Fawn uses this vent.
  • Main Hall- Snowstruck AND Bracer use the main hall. Rarely at the same time.
  • Adventure Cave- Ths is Brittney's home location.
  • Echo Creek Acadamey- Fawn's home location


  • Camera- You use the camera to check on the animatronics
  • Door- You can shut and open the doors. Just make sure not to consume power
  • Vent Sealer- You may seal the vents when an aggressive animatronic is in it.
  • Light- You need light foor the Doors and cameras


  • This page is based off an RP
  • Brittney is the only aggressive animatronic in this game
  • Brittney is the one you need to worry about when you run out of power.

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