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Five Nights At The FNAF Fanon Wiki is a joke page, which means it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Joke pages are typically silly dumb ideas that'd never work or ideas that aren't meant to be taken seriously at all.


A game where you survive at Springy Potatoboopers Wikia Pizza Place, there is 4 animatronics, and also another secret one, you stay in The Chat Room, to keep them out of The Chat Room, you must use the two doors on your left and right, you must also use the lights to see if they are there.


Springy Potatobooper (Enderspring)

Bolt-Bon The Bolt (Bolt-Weed)

Southy The Pony (South Ferry)

Blacky The Secret Agent (ManInBlack007JK)

Golden Springy (Some Random French-Fry) (MY BROTHER IRL :3)




Put your theories about the game here. (yes this game has an actual story.)


Night 1

Pretty easy, only Bolt-Bon moves.

Night 2

A little bit harder, not hard at all, though.. except for Blacky, he can be a little bit annoying.. Southy, Blacky, and Bolt-Bon move on this night.

Night 3

Kinda hard, Southy, Blacky, Bolt-Bon, and Springy move on this night.

Night 4

Hard, animatronics are very active, Southy, Blacky, Bolt-Bon, and Springy move on this night, Golden Springy can also appear on this night rarely when you look at the poster in CAM 2B.

Night 5

Extremely hard, animatronics are very VERY active, Southy, Blacky, Bolt-Bon, and Springy, Golden Springy can also appear on this night rarely when you look at the poster in CAM 2B.

Night 6

I don't even know the difficulty.. just.. wat? Animatronics are literally bolts of lightning, especially Bolt-Weed (heh, see what I did there? "Animatronics are literally bolts of lightning" and "especially Bolt-Weed"), all animatronics are EXXXXXXTTRREEEEEEMMEEEELY active on this night.

Night 7

You can choose every animatronic's AI level.. you can't change Golden Springy's level, although he can still appear rarely on this night.

Phone Calls

Night 1

"*ring ring* *ring ring* *picks up phone* Uhh.. hello hello? Hey! Uhh, welcome to your new job.. at Springy Potatobooper's Wikia Pizza Place.. now, let me warn you of a few things, The animatronics.. uhh.. sometimes move at night, If they're not active.. lets just say.. they get this rank on their profile that says "inactive" or something.. Now, that might sound bad.. but uh.. hey! You got doors! But.. rest assured, you'll be fine, Good night! *hangs up*"

Night 2

"*ring ring* *ring ring* *picks up phone* Err.. hello hello? Hey there, welcome back, see? I knew you were gonna make it through the first night.. now, the animatronics uhh.. get more active over the nights I think, the more they have you there the more they edit all these pages and stuff.. but, its okay.. also, If you see some thing that says "obey vinneh" float across the room, just uhh.. ignore that.. I think it happens every time its been an hour, like it hits 1:00 AM or something, it's probably just some thing that tells you an hour has passed.. but.. uhh.. so, the pony is also active now I think.. uhh, listen, that thing.. it has alot of edits.. yea, uh.. whatever, it doesen't really effect how active it is.. but.. uhh.. ALSO! Uhh, did you ever see Blacky peek out of Classified Cove? If not.. uhh.. you might see him do that tonight.. he also might run to the chat room.. when you hear running, just try to close the door, k? Good night. *hangs up*"

Night 3

"*ring ring* *ring ring* *picks up phone* Hello hello? Uhh.. hey, listen.. the animatronics.. uhh.. are gonna get alot more active tonight.. I think.. uhh.. I can't talk as much right now.. but.. uhh.. just stay safe.. ok? Bye.... *hangs up*"

Night 4

"*ring ring* *picks up phone* Hey.. uhh.. it's gonna get a little.. uhh.. err.. *clicking and editing is heard* uhh.. Listen.. I can't talk right now.. but uhh.. oh no.. *toreador march plays* Uhh.. just... *static*"

Night 5

"*garbled text and weird noises* GhyBHfKfGHfhojkFghEDFuGswklhfgdgihgfgfhllbhgfghfghjkgeeghjgklhfjfjhfthhfhehfghjhgfyoghfyghjgfofghfjfjhcrhgjheakhgkjhtgjhkgkjhihgkhgon.. *something that sounds like hanging is heard and the call ends*"

Night 6

"*ring ring* *picks up phone* Hello? Hello? Um, this is just a reminder of company policy concerning the safe room. The safe room is reserved for equipment and/or other property not being currently used and is in fact a safety location for employees only. This is not a break room, and should not be considered a place for employees to hide and/or congregate - and under no circumstance should a customer ever be taken into this room and out of the main show area. Management has also been made aware that the spare Alcor animatronic has been noticeably moved. We would like to remind employees that this costume is not safe to wear under any circumstances. Thank you and remember to smile; you are the face o- *hangs up*"