Five Nights At The New Fredbears is a future game being created by CoxinhaDoce


-Welcome to the new restaurant Fredbears Family Dinner!In this grand reoppening,we are showing animatronics never seen before,with grand updates,like the capacity of our animatronics to roam everywhere in our resturant for joy you,clients,come and taste a slice of pizza and enjoy the show!-

The game happens one year after the incident of Fazbear's Fright,planning to make the franchise become a sucess and forgot about the pasts events.To make look more friendly and safe for kids,now the animatronics have a human look instead of the old forms of them.

You play as Steven Johnson,who was hired for be the nightguard,wich in his first day realize that the new restaurant hides more secrets than everyone thought...




Toy Spring Bonnie

Toy Jack


Old Fredbear (Alucinnation)


Old Jack





Steven Johnson (The player)

Douglas White (White)


Part of the gameplay is similar to the other FNaF games,with some changes,like the chance of the vents close or open suddendly,alucinnations and other strange things in the two weeks of the game.

The player will have to check the monitor,the animatronics no longer are distracted by light,will have to close the vents,use the mask and play sounds to distract the animatronics and don't let Blue come to the office.The nights in their beginning are easy,but as the night pass,starts to get more difficult to survive,with new animatronics being showed up and becoming each time more agressive.

When the player wins or die,they'll get a cutscene,different in each night,changing in according with the events in the history that's gonna happen in the day.These cutscenes shows a bit of how it's the restaurant in the day and a part of the history.

By doing some things in certain nights,minigames will appear,showing us more information about a dark secret hidden in the restaurant.

About contributions

If you want make a fanart for them,that's great!Don't be shy on show them,if you think your art is bad there's no problem,in the gallery will be a speacial place for them-and,of course,they all will be with the credit of who make them.

About some ideas,I'm open to most part of them,but,new characters,purple guy in the story,something that I don't agree or that don't make any relation with the story won't will be accepted.


-Faith should be named Toy Golden Freddy,but,for obvious reasons,the name was changed

-Initially,Jack was meant to be a spider

-Shynia and Meet belongs to Hellfox (Or lucasgames87)

-The idea of this fan-game born when I was in the portuguese FNaF wiki and I created a topic for people create their own characters,and many of them inspired me to do

-FNaTNF can be named too by ONF (its portuguese abbreviation)

More coming soon


Official Art

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