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(Five Nights In The Underground is made by TotallyUnoriginalContent and Downtown Freezy)

FNATUG is a game taking place in the land of the Underground from Undertale.


Animonsters are the antagonists of FNATUG and are monsters who, at night, turn from Pacifist mode into Genocide mode and attack humans to gain EXP (execution points) And LOVE (Level Of Violence) and Human SOUL to escape the resturaunt, Grillby's

Asgore Dreemurr - King of the animonsters, King Dremurr is an anthropamorphic goat who takes the role of Freddy Fazbear

Undyne the Undying - Captain of the royal guard Undyne will serve Asgore to the end of both of them. she takes the role of Chica

Papyrus - Half 1 of the Skele-brothers, he takes the role of Foxy

Sans - the other skeleton, he takes the role of Golden Freddy


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