Five Nights Of Crossover 2 (tina.g.sherwin's) version is the official sequel to Five Nights Of Crossover (tina.g.sherwin's Version). You must survive 7 night at Crossover Funtime Pizza defending off Dangerous Animatronics. It is a Indie Point And Click survival game. The night guard's name is Kasumi P. Iwata. do not get confused between this and Bolt Weed's Five Nights of Crossover 2


Toy Freddy

He is a new character. He is first active on Night 1 and onwards. He looks exactly like the way he does in FNAF 2. He starts on the Show stage with Toy Flumpty and Toy Patrick. He can be quite aggressive as the nights go on. He was once a child but is now a Animatronic. He has a cane. He is usually the 1st to move. In his jumpscare his eyes are red.

Flumpty V2

He looks like Flumpty Bumpty except he has red cheeks. He is first active on Night 1 and onwards. He is the 2nd fastest character. He also has a bowtie. When he moves his nose is gone. He was once a child like Toy Freddy. In the extras menu it states he is the most aggressive of the Animatronics.

Patrick V2

He looks like Patrick in the 1st game except he has rosy cheeks and a bowtie with suspenders. His eyes are very large which makes him very cute. His eyes are brown. He is first active on Night 1 and onwards. He was also once a child. He moves the 3rd most. In his jumpscare he screams at you with his mouth wide open.

Toy Tails

Toy Tails is a red fox animatronic with two red cheeks. He is first active on Night 2 and onwards. She starts in The Play Area. His jumpscare is similar to Mangle's from FNAF 2.


This character is from the game Minecraft. You must wind up his music box and if you do not he comes out and jumpscares you. The Freddy Mask does not work on him. He looks exactly like the way he does in Minecraft except he has the puppet's tears. He is first active on Night 1 and onwards. His jumpscare is similar the Puppet's.


Just saying I got this idea from Bolt- Weed. I was having trouble thinking of a character to use. So I chose Kirby. He is first active on Night 2 and onwards. He will steal your Flashlight. He laugh at you which usually annoys players. And again got this idea from Bolt - Weed. Remember that.


Mettaton is from the game Undertale. Mettaton is similar to Foxy from FNaF 1. You must keep on checking Mettaton's Cove, if you don't Mettaton will dash down the hall. If you see him running down the hall put on the mask. Mettaton is a humanoid animatronic with two red cheeks, black hair, a pink and black suit and two long pink boots.

Old Freddy

Hid top hat has a hole in it. His jaw is broken revealing his endo similar to Withered Chica. His left hand is stripped from it's covering. He has lots of holes and dents on himself. He is first active on Night 3 and onwards. He is from the previous Crossover Funtime Pizza location. He starts in the Spare parts room. Obviously he is used for Spare parts. His jumpscare is the same as the one from FNAF 2. His jaw is broken.

Old Patrick

His bottom jaw is gone and his chest is burst open. He is first active on Night 3 and onwards. His right arm's covering is gone revealing his endoskeleton. He starts in the Spare parts room. He is from the 1st Crossover Funtime Pizza location. He is the most withered out of the old Animatronics. He is the most active Old character.

Old Flumpty

He is very cracked and the top of his head is gone revealing his endoskeleton. He is covered in lots of holes and rips. He is first active on Night 3 and onwards. He starts in the Spare Parts Room on CAM4. He is from the 1st location. He can crawl threw the vents. He has 2 rows of teeth. The second row being his Endoskeleton's. His jumpscare is nearly the same as Old Chica's.

Old Tails

He is very withered and most of his body is endo. He is first active on Night 2 and onwards. When he is outside your office you must flash your light at him to make him go away. If you do not do that he will Jumpscare you which will result in a Game over. He has a hook. He is from the 1st Crossover Funtime Pizza.

Golden Freddy

He appears as a hallucination. He looks like the way he does in the 2nd FNAF game. His jumpscare is the same as the one in FNAF 2. In his jumpscare his head comes off and goes to your face which results in a game over. He can only appear on Night 4 and all the way to Custom Night. To avoid his jumpscare you must put up your camera.

The Hide Behind

He is a minor hallucination and is from Gravity Falls. He rarely appears in the Spare parts room. He looks like the way he does in the gravity falls short. He can jumpscare you. He is not really a problem but more of a secret Easter Egg. He distracts you.

Kirby With Bow

This is the balloon Girl of the game. It is Kirby with a bow on his head. She can not jumpscare you. In the game files it calls her Kirdy.

Night 1

Toy Freddy, Toy Patrick and Toy Flumpty are here tonight. This is the easiest night in the whole game You must also wind up the music box of Jack jumscares you. The only real concern should be winding up the music box. Most people survive through this night on there 1st try.

Active Animatronic: Toy Freddy, Toy Patrick, Toy Flumpty and the Enderman

Night 2

All previous Animatronics are still active. Old Tails, Toy Tails and Kirby become active. Your main concern should be The Old version of Tails the Fox. Also you can see Shadow Freddy tonight rarely. Most people lose there streak of winning on this night. Tonight is still easy.

Active Animatronics: Toy Freddy, Toy Patrick, Toy Flumpty, Enderman, Old Tails, Toy Tails and Kirby.

Night 3

All animatronics are active now. Well not all the hallucinations. Old Freddy, Old Patrick and Old Flumpty become active. Your main concern should Be The Toys. This is when the game usually starts getting more difficult for players. You also may see Shadow Freddy rarely.

Active Animatronics: Toy Freddy, Toy Patrick, Toy Flumpty, Old Freddy, Old Patrick, Old Flumpty, Old Tails, Toy Tails, Enderman and Kirby.

Night 4

Tonight you may start seeing a Hallucination known as Golden Freddy. The Toy Animatronics are not very active. This night focuses on The Old Characters. Tonight is very difficult. You can still rarely see Shadow Freddy only on 2: 00 AM. Tonight is not easy. Also rarely on this night you can see a rare female version of Kirby hiding under your desk.

Active Animatronics: Toy Freddy, Toy Patrick, Toy Flumpty, Enderman, Kirby, Toy Tails, Old Tails, Old Freddy, Old Patrick and Old Flumpty.

Night 5

This night is the 2nd hardest night in the game. The Music box will go down very fast. All Animatronics are very active. The main concern is actually all of the Animatronics. You can no longer encounter Shadow Freddy. Also Kirby is very fast. You can not encounter the girl Version of Kirby.

Active Animatronics: All Characters

Night 6

This is the hardest night in the game. The Music Box's Puppet will come out in 11 seconds if you do not wind the box up. You can rarely encounter The Bare Endoskeleton which will appear in The Prize Corner. All Animatronics's AI is at 15. Tonight is no where close to easy. You can still encounter Golden Freddy.

Active Animatronics: All Characters

Night 7

This is the custom night. You can change the Animatronic' AI from 0 To being off to 20 To being Extreme. Tonight's difficulty depends. You can encounter Shadow Freddy again. The Bare Endoskeleton can still be found. Also The Jack Of The Box and Kirby AI can not be changed.

Active Animatronics: Depends.

Night 1 call

Hello? Hello? So welcome to your new summer job at Crossover Funtime Pizza. So you are probably thinking this is easy. Well it's not at night the Animatronics actually roam around. And they have new facial recognition technology so they can find criminals too. And I heard you actually are one. So if they see you they will most likely stuff an Endoskeleton up you. And you do not want that happening. That actually is going to hurt very bad. So if they see you hit that blue button it makes a noise far away which distracts them. That is from the previous location. They will recognize you as one of them. Do not put it one for too long. You can possibly sufficate. So tonight we have 3 active Characters. The new models of Freddy, Flumpty and Patrick. So tonight should be pretty easy. Ok? It's only 6 hours. You can make it. Anyway Good Luck and Good Night.

Night 2 call

Hello welcome to your 2nd day here. So recently we got permission from Nintendo to use Kirby. So he will be here today. Also our old model of Tails can actually move. I do not know why but he can. And the Mask trick does not work on him. So if he sees you flash your light at him a little bit. Also yesterday I forgot to tell you about the music box. You really need to wind it up. If you do not he kills you. Once he's out you can not live at all. Also our ne version of tails who we redesigned to be a girl is here. She's our first original Animatronic. And we are having business problems. Tonight will be harder but still kind of easy. And Kirby will attempt to steal your flashlight. Once he does The Old Tails can easily kill you. Well it think that's all. So try to survive and Good Bye.

Night 3 call

Hello and welcome to your 3rd night here. Also I am sure you probably noticed the old models in the back. Yeah they are from the old location and they will actuall move tonight. So I suggest keeping track on them and the Freddy Head trick should work. Also wind up the music box. And some people who worked here reported seeing a purple version of Freddy. Just keep note of that. Old Tails will still be here. So tonight is not going to be easy. Tonight is hard. Okay? Just watch the cameras to 6:00 AM. Remember that. Anyway Good luck and Good bye.

Night 4 call

Hey man welcome back. Also tonight will be very difficult. You know you do not have to work here. Just saying. Anyway all the characters will be active. Technically not all but those characters do not move. Anyway tonight the toy Animatronics should not be much of a problem. Mainly the old models. So watch the old Animatronics ok? Anyway recently our Animatronic Toy Tails recently hurt some one. So we are having problems. So just try to make it. And you may see Golden Freddy. He is real. But some people hallucinate and see him move. So he is not a problem. Anyway good night and Good luck.

Night 5 call

Hello welcome back Kasumi. So this is you're 6th night? I really do not know. Anyway all of the characters are here. So all of them should be pretty difficult to deal with. Just watch over them. So just watch over all the Animatronics. Remember to wind up the music box. Anyway we might close soon for a couple of days. Anyway today is not easy. Just make sure you live. Only 6 hours. Okay? And you may hallucinate. Just worry about the box and everyone else. Anyway tomorrow is your day off. So Good bye and see you tomorrow.

Night 6 call

Why are you here? Today was you're day off. You know we are closed. Why did you come back. And how did you get it there was tons of caution tape. So I guess you walked threw it. Anyway just make it to 6: 00 AM. They are not good at day. Also now at night they will be very dangerous. Just don't come back tomorrow. Just get a new job man. Anyway today is hard. Do not come back. Good luck and Good night forever.

Night 7 call

What are you doing here? You should of left. This place is not safe. Run before you die. RUN! You are trespassing in to this place. GET OUT NOW! OR ELSE. Run before they get you. Wind up the box. Watch over the characters. GET OUT! Stay alive. (Cuts out)


Luigi: In CAM 8 you can see Luigi's cap and eyes on the floor.

Pikachu: Sometimes you can here Pikachu saying Pika Pika! Pikachu? sometimes in CAM 1 you can see Pikachu slumped over rubbing his cheeks with a smile.

Zombie: Sometimes you can see the zombie laying on the floor with his Endoskeleton showing and his eyes will be glowing red in CAM5.

Clarence: He makes a minor appearance. Rarely you can see a transparent Clarence for 4 seconds saying Help me.

Furby: You can see him in the Show Stage sometimes completely wrecked. His eyes are cracked. The bottom of his beak is ripped off. His chest is burst open with wires and his endoskeleton showing. On his back the hair is ripped off and metal can be seen. And on the metal there is a slash with his insides showing.

Scrapped Animatronics

(characters that didn't make it into the game)

  • Lockjaw (The Return To Freddy's)
  • Jack (Stuffed 2)


Show Stage: Toy Freddy, Patrick V2 and Flumpty V2 start here.

Kiddie's Cove: Toy Tails starts here.

Prize Corner: Enderman and his music box is here.

Game area: Kirby starts here. Toy Freddy and Patrick V2 go through here.

Storage: All old animatronics start here.

Party room 1: All toys go through here including toy tails.

Party room 2. All toys go through here. Flumpty can be seen here

Party room 3: All toys go through here

Party room 4: Toy Freddy goes through here.

Office Hall: Patrick and Freddy can be seen here too. Toy Freddy comes here.

Vent 1: Kirby and Toy Flumpty go through here.

Vent 2: Toy Patrick, Toy Tails and Flumpty go through this.

Main Hall: All animatronics go through here.

Boiler Room: Withered Freddy and Withered Flumpty go through here.

Props Room: Withered Patrick goes through here.

Office: You are here. All animatronics can come here and jumpscare you.


  • When the game was 1st released the puppet was The Jack Of The Box from Stuffed 2. But it was later changed due to him not being well known. They changed it because they only wanted well known characters.
  • Again like the 1st game when you receive your paycheck the music Spooky Scary Skeletons plays.
  • The night guard's last name is Iwata which is in memory of a real life person named Satoru Iwata who recently Passed away.
  • It has a sequel called Five Nights Of Crossover 3 (tina.g.sherwin's version).