Five Nights Underwater is a FNaF fangame made by PMG Studios.It is set in the year 2012 and is the sequel to Five Nights on a Cruise Ship.


Aqua Freddy-This is this fangame's Freddy Fazbear.He is a darker version of Freddy with flippers instead of feet and waterproof programming.He has black eyes.

Aqua Bonnie-This is,of course,the fangame's Bonnie.He is a lighter version of Bonnie,with flippers instead of feet and waterproof programming.His eyes are bright green.

Aqua Chica-The fangame's Chica.Her legs are longer and her feet turn into flippers.Her eyes are dark blue.

Aqua Foxy-The fangame's Foxy.Feet turn into flippers and waterproof programming.His eyes are waterproof LED lights and are yellow.

Soaked Freddy-This is a ruined version of Freddy.His coating is matted and soaked,and his eyes are dull,dim,grey LED lights.


2 years after the events of Five Nights on a Cruise Ship,the cruise ship from the game,Freddy's Star,ran aground on rocks and sank,killing everyone on board.The night guard,Alex Craver,was the only survivor.Now,he has to spend five nights on the shipwreck,watching the aquatic animatronics.


Cameras-Used for watching the animatronics.Become jinxed if Soaked Freddy is in the room that the cameras are focused on.If that happens,the cameras are shrouded in dark static with the words "ERROR!Cameras Disabled"on the screen.

Diving Suit-Essential for survival.The more time you spend outside the shipwreck,the more worn down it becomes.If it wears down completely,your screen will start flickering and you will start to suffocate.The effect of wearing down slows down when you are inside the shipwreck,or when you have 2 or more oxygen bottles on.

Oxygen Bottles-These slow down the wearing-down process of your diving suit.The more bottles you have,the slower the process is.

Help Stick-Use this to keep Soaked Freddy in place at the Repairs Room(where spare Oxygen Bottles are kept).


Aqua Freddy-Swims up to you and screams in your face.

Aqua Bonnie-Swims up to you and chokes you.

Aqua Chica-Swims up to you and pecks your eyes out.

Aqua Foxy-Swims up to you and bites your face off.

Soaked Freddy-Appears in front of you,causes a surge in the water pressure and crushes you with it.


  • This is my second game that has a Freddy beggining with "S"in it,the first being Silver Freddy,from Five Nights at Freddy's:Survival.
  • This is my second game set in modern day.
  • The Aqua animatronics were originally going to be called Swimsuit animatronics

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