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Five Nights at Chuck E. Cheese's: The Final Chapter is the fourth and final installment in the Five Nights at Chuck E. Cheese's series.


The items in Cheese's Fright have been auctioned off to a museum, and they are looking for a nightshift security guard. Caillou has met his fate by being crushed by the spring-lock mechanisms inside of Tatters. This means he will not be the main antagonist. The museum created its own original animatronics.



  • Unnamed protagonist
  • Phone Guy
  • Dora Marquez Taller is the main antagonist of the game. She is the widow of Caillou and wants to avenge her deceased husband.


  • Nightmare Chuck E. is the main animatronic and first activates on Night 4.
  • Nightmare Jasper first appears on Night 1.
  • Nightmare Helen first appears on Night 1.
  • Nghtmare Munch first appears on Night 2.
  • Tatters is a torn-up Jasper-looking animatronic who first activates on Night 1.
  • Harmony Howlette makes a returning appearance and first appears on Night 2. Where her suit is torn, parts of Caillou's corpse can be seen.


  • Phantom Chuck E.
  • Phantom Helen
  • Phantom Munch
  • Phantom Jasper
  • Phantom Pasqually
  • Phantom Crusty
  • Phantom Sally Sashay
  • Phantom Foxy Colleen
  • Phantom 1977 Chuck E.


  • According to UUnlockedMario, Tatters was going to be the animatronic in Five Nights at Chuck E. Cheese's: Only One Left, but was replaced with Harmony Howlette.

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