Five Nights at Creeper's is a psychological horror game where the first game takes place in 2015. The first game takes place in Creeper's Pizzeria. The main animatronics are Creeper, Skeleton, and Zombie! There used to be an Enderman, but it was taken out of order due to the events of the Bite of '99.

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You are playing as the Nightguard, and you have to survive Five Nights.



Each night, The player has limited power. If the power goes to 0%, The whole place go dark. After a few seconds, Creeper will play his jingle and later jumpscare you. Power can be wasted by nearly all actions (Closing the doors, putting on the light, and checking the cameras.)


By using power, The player can use the Monitor to check cameras. Each time the monitor is put up/down, 1% power gets taken away.

Camera List

Cam 1A/Stage - The stage of the game. Creeper, Skeleton, and Zombie start there.

Cam 1B/Dining Room - The dining area of the game. Creeper, Skeleton, and Zombie go there.

Cam 1C/Ender Cove - The housing place for Enderman. Only Enderman is seen there.

Cam 2A/Left Hall - The west hall of the game. Only Skeleton and Enderman is seen there.

Cam 2B/Left Hall Corner - The corner behind the left Office Door. Only Skeleton is seen there.

Cam 3A/Right Hall - The east hall of the game. Only Creeper and Zombie are seen there.

Cam 3B/Right Hall Corner - The corner behind the right Office Door. Only Creeper and Zombie are seen there.

Cam 4/Supply Room - The supply closet of the game. Only Skeleton is seen there.

Cam 5/Backstage - The backstage of the game. Only Skeleton is seen there.

Cam 6/Kitchen - The Kitchen of the game. The camera for it is disabled. Only Creeper and Zombie hide there.

Cam 7/Bathrooms - The bathrooms of the game. Only Creeper and Zombie are seen there.


On each side of the Office, these are areas where the Animatronics can enter to. Closing either one of them or both can take away 2% of your power. This, The Lights, and The Cameras are the only defense against the Animatronics.


On the sides of your Office, besides doors, there are lights that can let you see if The Animatronics (Skeleton and Zombie) are at the Door/Window. Turning on the Office Lights however can make you lose 1% of your power.




Creeper is the Freddy Fazbear in the game. He begins moving in Night 1, but he only looks at the Stage camera. He is not completely active until Night 3. He starts at the Stage. Next, he moves to the Dining Room, then the Bathrooms, then the Kitchen, then The Right Hall, then the Right Hall Corner, and finally, the Office! To prevent him from going in your Office, you must shut the Right Office Door immediately! Also, he can be seen in the Left Office Door when the power goes out. He will play his jingle and jumpscare you unless it turns 6 AM when he is about to Jumpscare. His jumpscare is similar to Freddy's jumpscare put with red glowing lights.


Skeleton is the Bonnie in the game due to his behavior. He begins moving in Night 1, and either him or Zombie is always the first one to move. He starts at the Stage. Then he goes to the Dining Room, the Backstage, back to the Dining Room, The Left Hall, the Supply Room, the Left Hall Corner, the Door, and then your office. You have to shut the door on him to prevent him from getting into your Office. If he went to your office, the door and lights will be disabled. If you check the cameras, he will wait for you and when he does, he makes Creepy noises (Zombie does that too.) And when you put the monitor down, he will jumpscare you. His jumpscare is him biting on your face.


Zombie is the Chica in the game (except for the Gender). He starts moving in Night 1. Either him or Skeleton is always the first to move. He starts at the stage, Then the Dining Room, The Bathrooms, The Kitchen, back to the Dining Room, the Right Hall, the Right Hall Corner, the Window, and the Office. Just like Skeleton, he will disable the buttons, make creepy sounds while waiting for you to put the monitor down, and jumpscares you. His jumpscare is the same as Skeleton, but in a opposite direction (due to him being in the Right Hall)


Enderman is the Foxy in the game. He maintains at Ender Cove, and will start moving in Night 2. The less you check on him, the faster he will move. When he leaves Ender Cove and you check the Left Hall, he will be seen running down the Left Hall very fast. If you shut the door fast enough, he will be blocked from getting to the Office and go back to Ender Cove, but if you don't close to door, he will get in your Office and jumpscare you. His jumpscare is him lunging you.

Golden Creeper

Golden Creeper is a hallucination in the game. He starts to appear in Night 3. Sometimes, the Creeper poster in the Left Hall Corner will change into Golden Creeper's face and will cause him to appear in your office. If you raise the Monitor up, he will disappear, but if you don't, He will jumpscare you. However, unlike Golden Freddy, he doesn't kill you. His jumpscare is a still picture of Golden Creeper's face


The Phone Man

Phone Man is the Phone Guy in the game. He tells you directions for what to do, but he is stricted to his thoughts of the company, and all the recent happenings, to give the player some advice, for example, check the cameras. He dies in Night 4 and he doesn't call the player for the rest of the night. However, in Night 5, you get a phone call, but it will sound distorted.

Phone Calls

Night 1

(phone ringing) (phone picked up) "Uh, hello? Hello Hello? Hello, and welcome to your new job, at Creeper's Pizzeria. Well, a few things have changed since the first day it was opened, like, new animatronic designs and security camera upgrades. They're not so bad you know, but, getting a job here... to explain strange things to the Animatronics... They act fine during the day, but get kinda quirky at night, So when they're alone, they will think they are in the wrong room. They will try to find the room where a single person is and in that case, it's your office. There are buttons though, for lights and doors. If you see one of them at the door or nearby, You're probably gonna want to close them. You know, they get a little violent at night, but there is nothing to worry about... hopefully... I got to go now, i'll talk to you tomorrow. Check the cameras, check the lights, and make sure the power doesn't go out. Alright, good night!" (phone put down)

Night 2

(phone ringing) (phone picked up) "Uh, hello? Wow! you made it to Night 2! Congratulations! Um, i can't talk as long this time as Creeper, Skeleton, and Zombie become more active in later nights. By the way, if they see you at night, They will not recognize you as a human, they will think you're an Endoskeleton without a suit on. That can't be bad, right? But there were some cases like the Five Children Murder Incident and the Bite of '99. Also, you should check on Ender Cove! Enderman seems aggressive like all of the animatronics. Ok, see you tomorrow night." (phone put down)

Night 3

(phone ringing) (phone picked up) Hello? Hey, Night 3! You're doing better at this job! Uh... you know, The other nightguards who usually work here like you do disappear or quit this job. People also complain they saw some kind of... Yellow Creeper... I'm not sure what they meant, the real one is still in the Backstage, isn't it? Also, you're probably gonna want to check on Skeleton, Zombie, and Enderman. Like you heard earlier, they get more aggressive in later nights. Good night and i hope you make it to Night 4! Bye!" (phone put down)

Night 4

(phone ringing) (phone picked up) "Hello? Hello Hello? Wow, you made it to Night 4, congrats! Listen, i won't talk to you next night, It's been a h-horrible night (enderman stare sounds) for me. Uh... well... that explains... (Creeper's Jingle plays) why the animatronics are all gone right now. I always wonder what is in those heads in the Backstage. (Skeleton's and Zombie's noises when they are in the office) Oh no. (FNaC scream) (phone put down)

Night 5

(phone ringing) (phone picked up) (static) (slow, reversed, and distorted voice) You will not escape, and you never will! We are having revenge, and cannot be able to be tamed! (Golden Creeper scream) You don't understand, we are dead children. Prepare... to die! (FNaC scream) (phone put down)


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