Five Nights at Creeper's 3 is a sequel to Five Nights at Creeper's which takes place in 2035.

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20 years after Creeper's Pizzeria closed, a new museum, "Creeper's Museum", has opened. The museum had parts from the rotten pizzeria. You get hired as a Night Guard and survive 5 nights to make sure nothing goes wrong in the Museum.


Maintenance Panel - Those include Audio Devices, Camera System, and Ventilation similar to FNaF 3. One of them allows you to lure Horrorskull to random rooms with Slime's sounds. However, Phantom Animatronics will cause errors on the panel, but luckily, you can reboot them.

Vents - The Vents of FNaC 3. You are able to seal them so Horrorskull doesn't make his way to your office.

Cameras - Once again, cameras are back! Check the cameras to track down Horrorskull.

Camera List

CAM 1 - The 1st camera that shows the enterance and a Creeper Poster.

CAM 2 - the 2nd camera that shows a Skeleton Poster and the same items as CAM 1.

CAM 3 - the 3rd camera that shows a Skeleton Paper Dolls hanging on the ceiling, some Gifts, 4 drawn pictures of Creeper, Toy Skeleton, Enderdragon, and Slime, a Zombie Head, and an Enderdragon Head.

CAM 4 - the 4th camera that shows 2 broken arcades from the old pizzera. 1 is a Creeper Arcade and the other is what seems to be an Enderman Arcade.

CAM 5 - The 5th camera that shows another broken arcade which has Skeleton on it.

CAM 6 - The 6th camera that shows 2 posters featuring Zombie and Skeleton. It shows the broken Skeleton arcade Exhibit just like in CAM 5.

CAM 7 - The 7th camera showing an Enderman head, a Toy Skeleton drawing, and what seems to be a Golden Creeper drawing.

CAM 8 - the 8th camera showing Newspapers, an Enderdragon drawing, and a Slime Drawing.

CAM 9 - the 9th camera showing an Empty Skeleton Costume and posters of Creeper, Skeleton, and Zombie.

CAM 10 - the 10th camera showing the Exit. Nothing much is shown there.

Vent CAMs - Cam 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 are cameras for the Vents. You are able to seal them.



The only true animatronic of FNaC 3. He looks like a Yellow Wither Skeleton with the Killer's (Entity 303's) body inside him. He will move anywhere he wants, but he usually starts in CAM 1. He will become harder and harder to avoid in later nights. He becomes active on Night 2 (and so are the other phantoms). His jumpscare is him grabbing you and revealing Entity 303's head in his head.


Phantom Slime

Phantom Slime looks like slime, but has a darker color and has white pupils. His face will appear on the camera. If you don't switch cameras fast enough, he will appear in the Office jumpscaring you causing an Ventilation error. His jumpscare is him lunging you while opening his mouth revealing his teeth.

Phantom Creeper

Phantom Creeper is another phantom. Half of one of his front legs are missing. He also has a darker color and his white pupils. He will walk down the hall infront of your office. If you ignore him, he will go away. If you don't, he will disappear for about 5–10 seconds, and then he will jumpscare you. His jumpscare is his head popping up and screaming in your face.

Phantom Enderman

Phantom Enderman is also here. His right arm is now just an Endoskeleton arm and also has white pupils. However, instead of a darker color, he is Dark Grey. He will randomly appear in your Office infront of the box filled with Toy Animatronic parts (and the Enderman arm and The Paper Slime) and jumpscare you. His jumpscare is him lunging you.

Phantom Zombie

Phantom Zombie is here too. Nothing is missing on him, but he also has a darker color and white pupils. A black and white face of Zombie will appear in the Creeper Arcade on CAM 4. If you don't switch cameras fast enough, he will appear in your office and jumpscare you. His jumpscare is him choking you.

Phantom Endergirl

Yep, Phantom Endergirl which was Enderman's replacement in FNaC 2 is here. She has a darker color and also has white pupils. She will appear in CAM 7 blocking the Enderman head. Once you see her, she will appear on the Office Window making a distroted and loud sound causing an Audio Devices error. However, she does not jumpscare just like the others do. It will take 7 seconds for her to go away.

Phantom Enderdragon

Phantom Enderdragon is also here. He is also Dark Gray just like Phantom Enderman and has white pupils. He will appear in CAM 3 looking like his normal self. If you don't switch cameras fast enough, he will get in your face and will keep doing that even when you look away. He will not jumpscare you though, but he will cause a Camera System Error. It will take him 15 seconds to go away.

Phantom Golden Creeper

Phantom Golden Creeper is also here. Instead of Golden, He is Orange due to the burnt appearance. He will rarely appear in your office sitting next to the door. You don't really have to worry about him because he doesn't have a jumpscare or cause errors.

Phone Calls

Coming soon!



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