Five Nights at Creeper's 4 is the last chapter of the FNaC (Five Nights at Creeper's) taking place in 1995 in a house.


Doors - Finally, the Doors return to FNaC. If you hear breathing from a Nightmare Animatronic, you will need to shut the doors on them.

Flashlight - The flashlight returns too. Use it to check if one of the Nightmare Animatronics are here in the Doors, The Bed, The Closet, and the Minigame, Playtime with Plushskull.

Bed - There is a Bed. Use the Flashlight on the Bed to make the Nightmare Creeper Plushies go away. If you refuse to, you're dead.

Closet - Last but Not Least, the Closet. Use it to see if Nightmare Enderman is here or not.


Nightmare Creeper

Nightmare Creeper is the 1st Nightmare Animatronic. Nightmare Creeper looks like Creeper except with huge Red Pupils, Pointy Feet, and 3 extra heads (Nightmare Creeper Plushies) that can attach and detach from his bodies. Nightmare Creeper begins to be active on Night 1. The Nightmare Creeper Plushies will appear on the Bed. The only way to make them go away is with the Flashlight. If you refuse to, Nightmare Creeper will appear on the Bed and jumpscare you.

Nightmare Skeleton

Nightmare Skeleton is the 2nd Nightmare Animatronic. Nightmare Skeleton looks like Skeleton except with Huge Grey Pupils and Slender Arms with Sharp Claws. He begins on Night 1. He will appear in the Left Hall. If you hear him breathing, close the door immediately. Flash the Flashlight on Him or refuse to close the doors after 3–4 seconds will cause a jumpscare.

Nightmare Zombie

Nightmare Zombie is the 3rd Nightmare Animatronic. Nightmare Zombie looks like Zombie except his Left Eye is broken, and the Right Eye has a huge red pupil. The bottom half of his shirt is ripped and also has Nightmare Silverfish that hangs out on his right shoulder. Nightmare Zombie begins in Night 1. Nightmare Zombie also appears in the Right Hall. Just like Nightmare Skeleton, If you hear him breathing, close the door on him. Also flashing the flashlight on him or refusing to close the doors 3–4 seconds after you hear him breathing will cause a jumpscare. Surprisingly, Nightmare Silverfish can also jumpscare. Nightmare Zombie throws Nightmare Silverfish in the bedroom after you run away from the Right Hall door and leaving it open so it can jumpscare you.

Nightmare Enderman

Nightmare Enderman is the 4th Nightmare Animatronic. Nightmare Enderman looks like Enderman except His Eyes are Red with Maroon Pupils and a Long Robotic Tongue. He begins on Night 2. He usually hides in the Closet, but before he does that, Nightmare Enderman hides in Both Halls, and while you're not looking, Nightmare Enderman will run in the Bedroom and hide in the Closet. He will make couple phases before jumpscaring (not the jumpscare that will cause a Game Over). If you close the Closet, He will go away. But if you don't, he will jumpscare you (the one that will kill you).

Nightmare Creepus

Nightmare Creepus is the 5th Nightmare Animatronic. Nightmare Creepus looks like a repaired version of Golden Creeper, but with Red Eyes and a mouth on his stomach. He begins on Night 5. He can appear anywhere. And this time, it takes 1 second to close the Doors and Closet and look away from the bed. If you do those stuff more than 1 second, he will jumpscare you.


Plushskull is the 6th Nightmare Animatronic and probably the least scariest. He is a Plush Version of Skeletal (who is later Horrorskull in FNaC 3). Unlike the rest of the Nightmare Animatronics, he appears in a Minigame called Playtime with Plushskull. Nothing else much to say about him.


Eramthgin is the 7th and final Nightmare Animatronic. He is extremely similar to Nightmare Creepus. There are only 2 differences though. His costume color is Black and he has a Yellow Bowtie. He acts a lot like Nightmare Creepus except his jumpscare. His jumpscare shows a still picture of his face with a distroted noise playing in the Background.


  1. Eramthgin's name is Nightmare in backwards.


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