FNaD is a FNAF fan game developed by PMG Studios and Scott Jackson(not Cawthon!)It is set in Devvie Dog's Funhouse and is set in 2005.


Devvie Dog:Devvie is the Freddy for this fan game.She starts at Fun Room 1 and progresses through the Funhouse until she reaches the Office.Her jumpscare is she grabs you,wafting her ears and gnashing her jaws.

Darwin Dog:Devvie's brother Darwin takes Bonnie's place in this game.He starts at Fun Room 1 alongside Devvie and slowly progresses to the Office.His jumpscare is the same as Devvie's.

Callie the Cheetah:Callie takes Chica's place in the game.She starts in Fun Room 2.Her jumpscare is she grabs you then shakes you,moving her ears back and forth.

Max the Monkey:Taking the role of Foxy,Max starts in Monkey's Jungle,then moves into the office,slowly and quietly.His jumpscare is he swings down at you(like Mangle)and gnashes his jaws.

Billy the Bunny:Taking the role of no-one,Billy starts at the Computer Room,then slowly progresses to the Office.His jumpscare is he grabs you,gnashing his jaws with his ears curled up.


The Office(Guard)

This room is the main room in-game.The security guard sits here.The doors can protect you from the animatronics and the vent seals protect you from Max and Billy.

Cam 1A(Fun Room 1)

This room is the main camera location when you set it up.Devvie and Darwin start here,and Callie passes through here after she leaves Fun Room 2.It is a small room with a banner saying " Have FUN!!!".The tiled floor is a little stained with drinks and dirt.

Cam 1B(Fun Room 2)

This room is the starting room for Callie.It is a room only a teeny bit bigger than Fun Room 1.The floor here is still as dirty as Fun Room 1.The banner here says "PARTY!!".

Cam 2A(Monkey's Jungle)

This room is the location of Monkey's Jungle and Max's start point.The floor is red-and-yellow tiled and there is a grey curtain surrounding a huge tree that Max hangs from.

Cam 2B(Computer Room)

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