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Five Nights at Eddy's 2 is a Prequel to Five Nights at Eddy's and a Parody Game of Five Nights at Freddy's 2


You sit and watch the Edmatronics, but the Edmatronics will move and that will go after you, and survive 5 Nights at Eddy's, you only have Flash Light, Zero Doors and a Eddy Head


  • The Office
  • Show Stage
  • Parts/Service
  • Main Hall
  • Game Area
  • Prize Corner
  • Kid's Cove
  • Left Air Vent
  • Right Air Vent
  • Party Room 1
  • Party Room 2
  • Party Room 3
  • Party Room 4


  • Night 1
  • Night 2
  • Night 3
  • Night 4
  • Night 5
  • Night 6
  • Custom Night


  • Toy Eddy
  • Toy Edd
  • Toy Ed
  • Kevgle/Toy Kevin
  • Kevin the Pirate
  • Faceless Ed/Ed V1
  • Edd V1
  • Eddy V1
  • Golden Eddy
  • The Plank
  • Balloon Jonny 2x4


  • Shadow Eddy
  • Shadow Ed
  • Bare Endoskeleton
  • Balloon Nazz
  • Eyeless Edmatronics

What the Edmatronics look like

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