Five Nights at Fluffy's 2: The Past, is the prequel to Five Nights at Fluffy's.


Welcome to Fluffo's!!! Based off the popular TV show, Fluffo and Friends, Fluffo's is a funhouse where you can grab a bite to eat and watch the band, or play in the 2 playrooms. Now, it sounds pretty kid friendly, but as you probably guessed, it has some dark secrets. Project:REMODELD has begun. The company plans to make characters based off an even older TV show, called Fluffy's Funtimes. You, the night guard, are hired to keep watch of the withered animatronics, or is it the deep secrets within the project, that raises question, who started it???


You are in a small office, with a dark hall in front of you. You can shine a light down the hall, but at moments, you need to change the batteries, which takes a few seconds. You can also turn around to view the monitor screens. Like One Night at Flumpty's 2, or POPGOES, you have a panic bar, that will increase when you see animatronics, or other things. When the panic bar goes all the way up, Manny the Monkey, who I will talk about later, will come all the way down. On you. Killing you. Now, to keep animatronics away, you need to press a button that will put the nearest animatronic to your office, into maintenance mode, where they will return to their starting point.


Well, what did you expect?


Fluffo is basically the old version of Fluffy. It looked a lot like Fluffy, with a golden color, and long brown ears, but he also has brown spots all over him. Fluffo also acts pretty similar to Fluffy, apart from the more advanced tech that Fluffy will have in the future. He knows about 10 songs, and unlike Fluffy, he plays a guitar. He starts moving on night 2, but moves fairly slow. He can go into maintenance mode.

Charlo the Cat

As Fluffo is the old version of Fluffy, Charlo is an older, you guessed it, Whiskers. Again, it looks very similar to its future counterpart, except with slightly lighter colored fur. He also play guitar with Fluffo, and knows the same songs. He will start moving at night 1, and move a normal pace, and can go into maintenance mode, like Fluffo.

Manny the Monkey

Incase you thought I stole this from SpringThing14, I actually created it and asked him if he could put it in his new game. He is a dark brown monkey, with a long tail. At day, he will hold a microphone, and he is the only stage animatronic that actually sings. As I stated earlier, if your panic meter reaches max, you will instantly be killed by him. He cant be backed up into maintenance, because, well, that would destroy the whole point of the panic meter.

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