In 1989, A pizzaria was opened. This pizzaria had animatronics by the names of Foxtail,Catsi,Fredrick and Peggy. These animatronics were used as an entertainment unit of the pizzaria. In 1991, a man lures 5 kids into a secret room and kills them with an axe. They had cuts and rips on their head,torso and their legs were almost amputated. The killer stuffed the bodies into the suits around the closing of Foxtail's Pizza. He ran into the office because he worked there. The kids possess the suits and they think you're the person who killed them. Can you last Five Nights at Foxtail's?

Phone Calls

Night 1

Phone Guy: Hello? uh Hello? Hey uh welcome to Foxtail's pizzaria. Nice place isn't it? anyway I have come to teach you the basics of being a night guard.well yeah obviously. Well before I start telling you about that I need to tell you that there are reports of the animatronics trying to harm adults so we leave them at night free to roam but at 6 AM their  roaming mode turns off. Oh and they think you're an endoskeleton so they'll tryto stuff you into a suit. It may sound fun but the stuff that we put in suits can burn your face to the point the electricity tightens your face to the mask PERMANENTLY. Yeah crazy but I'm pretty sure you'll be alright. anyway good night and good luck.

Night 2

Hey, nice to see you again. Not a lot of people make it this far. Oh uh.. I wasn't implying they die. no, anyway how's first night because 2nd night might be a bit harder for you to handle because the animatronics get active for every night that passes. anyway there's a problem with our cameras where the camera's distance is limited. Well if we can't afford unlimited building electricity then we might not be able to handle cameras. They have state of the art animatronics for crying out loud. Try using those doors and lights. Use the doors if necessary. anyway, good night and good luck again!

Night 3

Hello? Hello hello? oh hey uh I  wanted to to tell you that Fredrick is getting active. Hes very hard to get rid of is what the previous nightguards told me. Well Fredrick tends to look at our guests and just stare. People think he's thinking or something. Also our building attraction,Catsi seems to get active too. I hate rumors like that but anyway good night and good luck!

Night 4

Hey you made it night 4! You're almost done with the nightshift. anyway I wanted to tell you that the animatronics will be A LOT more active than last time. Fredrick will tend to move a bit faster, Foxtail moves across the pizzaria like there is no tomorrow,Peggy is acting strange and Catsi is coming from her box for some reason. dammit I thought ductape would do it anyway I wish you a big Good luck and good night,

Night 5

Hey uh remember when I said that the animatronics tend to stuff people into suits. yeah they seem to have caught me so I've gotten myself in a pickle right now. um tomorow can you check the suits in the backroom? I'll try to hold out as long as I can. Good night an goo- *Electricution sound*.


Doors n' Lights

Doors n' Lights is the same mechanic from Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's. You must close doors and light the lights so you can see the animatronic there.



Foxtail is an animatronic that is active on night 1 and he tends to move around a lot.


Fredrick is an animatronic active on night 3 and acts as Foxtail's companion. unlike Foxtail, Fredrick moves in a similar pattern to Freddy Fazbear.


Catsi is an animatronic that is placed in a box based on parts but she is still connected loosely. This animatronic is also active on night 2.


This animatronic is active on night 1 and she tends to twitch in the hall way.


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