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Five Nights at Freddy's:Remains is a FNaF fangame,developed on 23rd June 2013 by PMG Studios and released on 13th December 2015.


After Freddy Fazbear's Amusement Park was closed,Fazbear Entertainment decided not to open anything again,and their headquarters was abandoned.Later on,in 2003,a teen called Tony found the old warehouse and decided to turn it into a Pizzeria and Theme Park,but he changed the name to Freddy's Funland Developers,to avoid being sued.Little did he know,that the old animatronics were planning revenge in the storage room.


Withered Amusement Freddy:This model of Freddy is mid-damaged.First things first,he has a missing foot covering and lower arm.His bow tie is shredded and his hat is ripped at the top.One of his cheeks is popped out.His left eye is a bit bloodshot and has a few wires coming out of it.

Withered Amusement Bonnie:This Bonnie is also mid-damaged.His eyes and bottom jaw are missing.One of his bow tie wings is missing and he is missing a leg.He is a darker blue than Amusement Bonnie.

Withered Amusement Chica:She is mid-damaged.The bottom piece of her beak is missing.Her bib is shredded and one of her hand coverings is missing.Her eyes are red,not magenta.

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