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Five Nights at Freddy's:The Storage is a FNAF fangame developed by PMG Studios, with a little help from Clickbait Games.It is set in a storage facility containing the animatronics.


Night 1

Phone Call

"Hello?Hey, welcome to your job as the nightwatch at Fazbear Entertainment's Storage Facility.During this job, you will have to watch over the animatronics and be careful to not get killed, since the animatronics are very hostile.You will be required to follow safety measures, to ensure you are completely safe in your job.With all these precautions, let's hope you have a good night"

Storage Freddy, Storage Bonnie and Storage Chica are active on this night

Night 2

Phone Call

"Hello?Okay, this is your second night and Foxy becomes active.Since you completed your first night, this should not be a problem for you"

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