FNAF:Wars is a fangame made by PMG Studios and powered by CryEngine 3.It is set in the year 2009 and is a decision-making RPG.This is the title music:


It is the year 2009 and a war has just begun.A war between the clan Esa-Tron and the clan Endo-Enders.The places that were once attraction pizzerias and restaurants have turned into fierce wargrounds.4 young soldiers,2 males and 2 females,are the ones who have to put a stop to the war.


Good Ending

When our characters reach the final battle,they have to face up against the leader of Esa-Tron,Mazar.The animatronic bull absorbs 5 animatronic souls and becomes Emperor Mazar.With a health level of 300 HP,everybody thinks he is unbeatable.But after a fierce battle,one of the soldiers,a 16-year-old girl named Jenny manages to destroy Mazar's force field and bring his HP down to 99.Then they all fight together and kill the animatronic warrior,who utters his last words "You defeated me.You shouldn't have defeated me!" before going haywire and switching off permanently.The 4 friends then walk away and Jenny ends the game by throwing Mazar's head and her gun in the trash can.A screen then appears showing all 4 friends on a white background with the words "Well Done!" and the credits start to roll.

Bad Ending

Starts like the Good Ending but goes differently.When Mazar becomes Emperor Mazar he powers up so much that the 4 friends are defenseless.He then blasts a power beam that brings the friends' HP down to 0 in 2 seconds.Mazar then beheads the bodies and burns them then he walks away from the flames. A screen is then shown of the 4 friends' heads on a black background with the words "GAME OVER" in red.The game then resets to the start of the final battle.

Normal Ending

Starts like endings 1 and 2,but goes differently than the two.Our 4 friends have grown strong enough to not kill,but overpower Mazar.When he is overpowered our friends walk away.Then a screen saying "The End" appears and the credits roll.

Player characters


  • Haz
  • Azuri


  • Jenny
  • Leah


This game was actually going to be released on 17 April 2016,but due to leaking and rumours it was released early on 23 March 2016.

The game is for PC,Xbox One and PS4

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