This is the first mission in FNAF:Wars


The first thing is a cutscene.It shows your player character talking to the other 3 characters.Then one of them(Leah)suggests that they should just go out and fight.In that moment the back doors of the van they are in open and light floods in.

The first thing you have to do is walk out of the van and,when you are out,pick your gun by pressing either of the buttons(A/X/Up arrow key for AK-47,B/O/Left arrow key for Shotgun,X/Square/Right arrow key for handgun and Y/Triangle/Down arrow key for SMG).After you pick your gun,run over to the restaurant and crawl in through the window then press the fire button(RT for Xbox,R1 for PS4 and Shift for PC)to shoot the first 5 Esa-Tron soldiers then sprint down to the kitchens and hide under the sink and as the Esa-Tron brute passes,throw a sticky grenade at him then quickly roll out and headshot the sniper hiding above the skylight.If you do both of these in quick succesion you will unlock the achievement/trophy Quickshot.As soon as the brute approaches the door and explodes run out and run straight to the male toilets where 3 Esa-Tron soldiers are hiding in cubicles.Enter crawling mode and shoot them from underneath.As soon as you shoot the last one the wall cracks and another Esa-Tron brute bursts in.You have to weaken him by throwing Supressors at him then kill him with a headshot.When he's dead,that's when you make your decision of either running into the female toilets or out of the restaurant.The best thing to do is to run to the female toilets,kill the 2 Esa-Tron soldiers hiding under the sinks and shooting from the plugholes then run into the first cubicle and shoot the 2 soldiers above the skylight and once you do that,run out of the restaurant and into the van which will earn you the achievement/trophy Welcome to the War for completing mission 1.

Easter Egg

There is an easter egg in this mission in which,if you pick the SMG and then press the button for the shotgun,a screen will pop up saying "Welcome to Call of Duty:Freddy Fazbear's" and unlock you the Call of Duty ghosts outfit for your character.

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