This is the second mission of FNAF:Wars.


The mission starts off with a cutscene.In it,the 4 friends are sitting together in the van,talking about their plans for the war.All of a sudden,Freddy Fazbear jumps into the van

Freddy:Guys!*pant*You've gotta help me!*gasp*There's a group of Esa-Tron soldiers at the pizzeria!You've gotta help me get rid of them.Please!I ran all the way from the pizzeria!

Haz:Ok,team.We've gotta help Freddy.Who's in?

*everyone raises their hands and shouts 'Me!'*

Haz:Alright then!Let's go!

The cutscene ends on that

The mission itself is on an easy level,like Mission 1.The first thing you do is run straight to the pizzeria without stopping,as you are on the risk of dying if you stop.When you reach the pizzeria,bound in through the door and scout the area.Eventually,2 soldiers will appear behind the cash register.Sneak over to them and finish them both off with one bullet,which will earn you the achievement/trophy One-Shot.After you kill them,crawl over to the Show Stage,killing any skulkers,then kill the brute on the Show Stage,pick up spare suppressors from him and sprint down to the Office.There should be 3 soldiers in there,one sitting in the guard's chair,one hiding under the desk and one in the ceiling vent.Be cautious that you shoot down the one in the chair first,before moving on to the one under the desk,then standing on the chair and double-jumping to reach the ceiling vent.When the soldier sees you,he will try to crawl away,so it's important to shoot him straight away.Then you have 2 choices:Crawl through the vent and out or come out of the vent and run to the Dining Hall.Best pick to go to the Dining Hall,where you will have to kill a sniper crawling under the table,then complete a puzzle that requires you to create a perfect square out of 4 lines and 6 dots,which will unlock the Freddy Skin for your gun.After completing the puzzle,slide under the table,crawl across its entire length,then kill the brute in front of the door,allowing you to run out.Running out will earn you the achievement/trophy Beginnings for completing mission 2.

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