The mission starts with a cutscene

The team are driving along in their van,and then Foxy(voiced by Sean William McLoughlin)jumps on.

"Guys,I know you're heading to the remnants of the boathouse,but I need help.There is an Esa-Tron swarm at Fazbear Entertainment's headquarters!"he pants

Since the team were close to Fazbear Entertainment,they took the right turn to the headquarters instead of going straight.

Right,so,the first thing you need to do is run to the headquarters and climb onto the delivery truck and through the only window(Azuri is best for this task).Then, run straight to the main storage area and shoot the Esa-Tron soldiers that jump out of the boxes.You'll get the achievement/trophy Boxtroll for killing them all in quick succesion.Then, run right over to the forklift garage and help Foxy by suppressoring the 4 brutes that are holding him and trying to tear his limbs off,then headshotting them.One larger brute,called the Supremus Brute will come in.You are faced with the choice of trying to fight back or running away.Best run away.Once you're close to the van,you will start being chased by the Supremus.Sprint over to the van and drive away.This will earn you the you-know-what/you-know-what(achievement/trophy)A lucky getaway.