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Five Nights at Freddy's: Battle Bots is a online card game made by FazbearFreak.

Types of Cards

Character Cards

Character Cards have two stats: Attack and Defense. They can be bought in the store in either packs or individual cards. The player can make a deck of 20 Character Cards for Classic battles, or 10 cards for Quick Battles.

In Quick Battles, the player can have a hand of up to three Character Cards. In all other modes, they can have a hand of five.

List of Character Cards

Five Nights at Freddy's: Battle Bots/List of Character Cards

Item Cards

The player will receive three random Item Cards at the start of the battle. They can use the cards on their turn, along with a Character Card.

List of Item Cards

Item Card Effect
Cupcake Increases the current Character Card's defense by 2. (Maximum of 5 defense)
Endo Increases the current Character Card's attack by 2. (Maximum of 5 attack)
Springlock Suit Increases the current Character Card's defense and attack by 2.
Music Box Stuns the opponent for one turn.
Nightmare Cupcake Lowers the opponent's Character Card's defense by 2 (Minimum of 1 defense)
Crowbar Lowers the opponent's Character Card's attack by 2 (Minimum of 1 attack)
Swap Removes all Character Cards from the player's hand and replaces them with new ones.
Cameras The user looks at the other player's hand.
Mask When the Mask is used on the player's Character Card, the card has a 20% chance of becoming invincible.
Flashlight Lowers the opponent's Character Card's attack and defense by 2.

Gameplay Modes


Battle Bots

The setup for a Quick Battle.

In Classic Mode, the player has a deck of 20 Character Cards and 3 Item Cards. They can have a hand of up to 5 Character Cards.

Quick Battle

The player has a deck of 10 Character Cards and 3 Item Cards. They can have a hand of up to 3 Character Cards.


The player has a randomly-generated deck of 20 Character Cards. Otherwise, it is just like Classic Mode.

Battle Format

  1. Both players pick a Character Card (and a Item Card, if wanted) from their hand. The player who has their turn uses the Attack value, and the other player uses the Defense value.
  2. The Character Cards face off against each other.
  • If the attacking players's Attack value is higher than the defending player's Defense value, the Defense value is discared, and the attacking player's Character Card returns to their deck.
  • If the attacking player's Attack value is equal or less than the defending player's Defense value, both cards get returned to their owner's decks.

3. If one player has an empty deck, the other player wins.


In the Shop, the player can buy items with FazTokens, which can be won in battles or bought with real money.

Individual Cards

Every day, 3 random Character Cards are put up for sale for 250 FazTokens each.


Packs can be bought for 100 FazTokens each.

Common Uncommon Rare
FNaF 1 Pack Endo 01, Bonnie, Chica Freddy, Foxy Golden Freddy
Toy Pack Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, BB Mangle, Toy Freddy The Puppet
Withered Pack Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, Endo 02 Withered Freddy, Withered Foxy Withered Golden Freddy
Hallucination Pack Shadow Bonnie, JJ, Paperpals Shadow Freddy, Endoplush Nightmare
Phantom Pack Phantom Chica, Phantom Mangle, Phantom BB Phantom Freddy, Phantom Foxy Phantom Puppet
Nightmare Pack Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Chica, Plushtrap Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Foxy Nightmare Fredbear
Springlock Pack Spring Bonnie Springtrap Fredbear
Halloween Pack Nightmare BB, Jack-O-Bonnie, Jack-O-Chica Nightmare Mangle, Nightmarionne Bite Victim
Sister Location Pack (Beta) Bidybab, Baby, Ballora Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy Ennard
Bosses Pack Auto-Chipper, Bubba, Snowcone BrowBoy, Porkpatch Scott Cawthon
Five Nights at Candy's Pack Candy, Cindy, The Penguin Chester, Blank RAT
One Night at Flumpty's Pack Birthday Boy Blam, Beaver, Grunkfuss Flumpty, Redman Golden Flumpty
POPGOES Pack Sara, Saffron, Stone Popgoes, Blake Blackrabbit


  • New packs and characters are coming soon!
  • The game was inspired by UnderCards, a card game based off of Undertale.
  • There was going to be a Phone Guy and Purple Guy card, but they were scrapped. However, they might appear in the future.
  • There might be a Five Nights at Steve's pack in the future.
  • The Springlock pack is the only pack to have less than six characters. However, this might change.

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