See how it all started! (Creepypasta)The Older Brother

NOTE:I know that "sister" is a term used to describe another location owned by the same company. I just named the game this because it's somewhat the opposite of Sister Location. I hope you enjoy!


This message has been sent by the manager of Dustbone's Rock Town! You know, that really tall tower that can hold entire auditoriums? Yeah, shocked me, too. With that aside, we have a request.

We have seen your videos on your InLife page, and how you have a series of paranormal investigation videos. It seems you have a fascination with paranormal activity. That's just what we need.

Lately, our animatronics have been moving around on their own. They walk off stage, and move around. They just...move, as mentioned. They usually go near our "No Entry" areas, and just stay there. We have caught them doing this on security cameras.

We've had each animatronic repaired by several mechanics, and were each repaired about 23 times, literally. Some more than others. Even then, they still move. Our staff now have a belief in the paranormal, especially because many accidental and suicidal deaths have occurred here. The place is just so high up.

In a nutshell, we would like it if you helped us watch over the animatronics.

If you come, you'll need to follow the animatronics. Not only that, but you also may need to watch over the building. Just walk around, simply.

You may want to equip a camera to show anything important to the staff. Sometimes, things just happen. If something really bad does happen, we can help. If there is any emergency, exit immediately.

One more thing. If you agree to do this, we will hire a soon to be named phone guide, who will leave helpful recording in case you need help.

Your pay will be $1,200. You will go up the staff elevator, which is the back one you'll see when you go into the check-in building on the ground. You're shift will start at 11:30 PM, and go to 6:00 AM. We hope you're okay with staying up overnight for a little while.

That's all. If you would like to apply, please let us know in a comment.

Thank you very much!


Location Info

Dustbone's Rock Town was opened in 2044, in Manhattan within New York City, by Nick Baldwin. It is kind of like the opposite of Circus Baby's Pizza World; it sits high above ground. On the ground, there is an entry building. In there, you purchase tickets to go to Dustbone's Rock Town. There are a total of 3 elevators to take you up. While two of them are public, the third one in the back is for staff members. The elevators go up the insanely powerful and strong supports of the building. There are a total of 5 supports; one in the center, and four surrounding it.

The building itself is very high above ground, as mentioned. Customers will enter through the front. They will order there food, which they then receive. With many cooks, and more advanced cooking ovens, the food usually only takes three minutes to prepare on average.

The customers have three places to go. They can go to the Country Jam Theater, LeapTown(an indoor trampoline park and playground), or the Molten Metal Auditorium.

Alongside that, there are many staff only rooms, usually offices and storage.

A place that only high-ranked employees can go to is the underground storage level. Many things are stored down there, and it always has a eerie feel to it.

All of these places are accessible in the game. Some more hidden than others.



What does he look like?


Dustbone is the lead singer in Five Nights at Freddy's: Brother Location. He is...well...nobody knows what he is, really. He's just "there". He stand on two legs. He has two hoofs for feet, with muscular legs. He two muscular arms, which are also black. In his right hand(right from his point of view), he holds a black microphone with a glowing ring beneath the speaker. His head is an elk skull, and has light bulbs in his eyes and mouth for light effects. He has two large antlers on his head.

What can he do?

Dustbone is able to sing Rock and Heavy Metal songs. He is voiced by Pat Vulrich. With his microphone, he has been programmed to do mic flips. Just like it sounds, he can flip his microphone into the air, and then catch it. He is also able to respond to the other animatronics on stage, which is also programmed into him. He can move around, but isn't programmed to. He moves at night for...other reasons.

How do people feel around him?

Most young children get scared by him. However, he isn't meant for them. No, he is meant more for teenagers and young adults. Going back to how he is received, most people wonder who he is. What is purpose is. Think about it. An elk skull, on a completely black muscular body. It puzzles many.


  • I, SpringThing14, still wonder how Dustbone came to my head. He there. Somehow. I wonder how and make theories about it to this day.
  • He is 1 of the 5 animatronics in the Molten Metal Auditorium.
  • Like the rest of the animatronics, he has lights inside of him that make neon lights that flash along with the beat of the song at curtain times.
  • While the skull is artificial, the antlers on his head are real elk antlers.

Rockin' Freddy Fazbear

What does he look like?

Rockin' Freddy is the guitarist in the Molten Metal Auditorium, and is mostly black. However, he has a white stomach, muzzle, ears(inside), and white portions of his arms and legs. He has glowing eyes and a light-up nose. Not only that, but light can also come from beneath all of his white areas(belly, muzzle, etc.). He takes FNaF 1-2 Bonnie's role, and plays the guitar. The guitar looks like FNaF 2 Bonnie's, expect it is more advanced, and is black and white. Rockin' Freddy stands to the right of Dustbone(his point of view), and to the left of Rockin' Bonnie.

What can he do?

Thanks to advanced technology, he can play the guitar for almost any song. If you use the Internet, you can send him the beats for any song, and he'll be able to play it. He can light up in his eyes, nose, mouth, and any of his white parts. He is able to communicate with the rest of the band.

How do people feel around him?

Nobody, not even young children, ever fear Rockin' Freddy(for the most part). This is likely due to his design, which isn't that scary. Sometimes, people feel a little creeped out, but not too much.


  • Unlike every other Freddy, Rockin' Freddy has no top hat or bow-tie.
  • He is the animatronic that can in the banner for the game(top of the page).

Rockin' Bonnie the Bunny

What does he look like?


He is a black remake of the original Bonnie. He has a white belly and white within his ears, and white "plates" on each part of his arms and legs. His belly, eyes, ears, nose, and arm and leg plates can light up. He stands to the left of Rockin' Freddy, and plays the drums.

What can he do?

He is capable of performing drumstick flips, and can obviously play the drums. Some parts of his body can light up, and is able to communicate with the rest of the animatronics on stage.

How do people feel around him?

Most people enjoy him. Just like Rockin' Freddy, he isn't that scary looking to most. He is a favorite of many.


  • He, unlike all other Bonnie animatronics, lacks a bow tie.
  • While Bonnie usually plays a guitar, Rockin' Bonnie plays the drums.

Vex the Vulture

What does he look like?


He is a black vulture, who sits upon an artificial branch. He is covered in feathers, and posseses a featherless, bald gray neck. He has a shiny beak and two large wings, with two legs and feet with 3 toes and sharp talons. His eyes and neck can light up. He sits to the right of Dustbone.

What can he do?

He is able to move and bob to the beat of the songs performed by the rest of the band. He can communicate with the rest of the crew, and his neck and eyes can light up.

How do people feel around him?

Many think he's scary. Others think he has no purpose in the band; or both. Some people, however, do like him. But that doesn't mean he wouldn't give them creeps in the dark.


  • He cannot fly.
  • His branch is connected to a fake dead bush.
  • He was in the 2nd teaser for this game.

Ted the Tortoise - By Shadowboy192

Ted the tortoise

What does he look like?

Ted is a black tortoise, with a clear shell that lights up. The same applies with his beak. He has 6 large specs on each of his arms, and 8 on each of his legs. His eyes can light up any color. He also has a black guitar that resembles Toy Bonnie's.

What can he do?

He can play his guitar. He also can interact and talk with the rest of the animatronics. He sometimes does solos during curtain songs.

How do people feel around him?

Since he isn't that threatening, people like him. He is a favorite to several. Some people confuse him to be a bird, due to his beak. Other than that, people like him.


  • He was originally going to be Sal the Salamander, but I couldn't draw him too well. I then made a blog post asking people to submit animatronics. After that, I set up a poll for people to vote for their favorite animatronic, excluding their own. Ted the Tortoise beat Maury the Mole (Downtown Freezy) and Sammy the Snake (The Non-Zomboss).
  • He was originally going to be a turtle, but I thought making him a tortoise would suit the band in the game a little better.
  • He stands to the left of Vex.

Rockin' FredBear

Rockin fredbear

What does he look like?

Rockin' FredBear is black, and has a golden-painted belly. His muzzle, ears, and eyebrows are also painted golden. His bow-tie and nose glow purple, and his purple eyes glow slightly. He holds a gray microphone, and wears a purple hat.

What can he do?

He can sing a large array of songs, and can interact with Rockin' Bonnie. On occasion, he will walk around to take pictures with people. He has some glitches in him, causing him to spin his body around, with his arms outstretched.

How do people feel around him?

People enjoy is presence. While some may be creeped out about robots coming off the stage, most people like him.


  • I forgot to add the golden "plates" on his arms. However, I liked the way he turned out, so he stayed the same.
  • He stands to the right of Rockin' Bonnie on the stage.
  • Even though he doesn't sing rock, he is still called a Rockin' animatronic, due to his similar appearance with the other animatronics.

Rockin' SpringBonnie

Rockin springbonnie

What does he look like?

Rockin' SpringBonnie is black, and has a golden-painted belly. His muzzle, ears, and eyebrows are also painted golden. His bow-tie and nose glow purple, and his purple eyes glow slightly. He has a purple guitar that can light up.

What can he do?

He can play his guitar, interact with Rockin' FredBear, and can light up in his nose, bow tie, and slightly in his eyes. He is also able to walk around to take photographs with people, similar to Rockin' FredBear. He has some glitches in him, causing him to spin his body around, with his arms outstretched.

How do people feel around him?

He doesn't look very threatening or spooky, so people like him. Children enjoy listening to the songs he plays. The only cases where someone would be scared around him is if they were creeped out by him walking around, or if it was dark.


  • I forgot to add the golden "plates" on his arms. However, I liked the way he turned out, so he stayed the same.

His guitar originally looked like Toy Bonnie's, until I realized; why would a guitar like that be a country band?

  • Even though he doesn't play rock, he still is called a Rockin' animatronic due to his similar appearance to the rest.

Imported Chinese Dragon

What does he look like?

Imported Chinese Dragon is a green 8-legged animatronic that resembles a Chinese dragon. He has a yellow belly, with a red-and-orange triangle pattern on its edges. He has yellow eyes, surrounded by red. He has round triangular teeth, and has pink snake-like tongue. He has red surrounding his lips, and has red spikes going along his back.

What can he do?

He can speak 15 different languages. He can recognize peoples' genders, and can predict their futures in a humorous way. Since the copy of him seen in Night 4 was having some issues, he was sent to Dustbone's to be used as an attraction or for parts.

How do people feel around the versions that are fully working?

People enjoy them. They enjoy the humor of just how they predict their future, and like the way that they are designed.


  • I may have gotten the idea for him while looking back at an old art project I did in 6th grade. It was a 2-dimensional cutout of a Chinese dragon head, with feathers, googley eyes, etc.
  • I wanted to include him as a humorous element in the game, similar to Hand Unit from Sister Location.

Karl the Kangaroo


What does he look like?

Karl is a dark-tan color. He wears a black t-shirt with Dustbone on it, with glowing green eyes. Below Dustbone are the words "Dustbone's Rock-Town" in purple. He has eyes that are similar to the color of a high-liter. He also has a black nose and a tall head. In the picture, he is shown waving his left hand. His right has a small tear in it.

What can he do?

He is actually quite broken. He was planned to be used as an upstairs attraction. One day, he ended up falling down while an inexperienced employee was moving him around with controls(yes, he did get fired). Now, it is very hard for him to move around, unless something else lets him.


  • He was broken by an inexperienced employee.
  • 90 kangaroos were released in Wyoming recently. Not that relevant, but you just released your kids will yell, "Hey! Dad! I'm going Kangaroo hunting with Joe! Be back at 6:00!"
  • The mechanic used to stop him is similar to Five Nights at Candy's 3 and Boogeyman(luckily, he doesn't dart his head around to frustrate the sh** out of you).

Moton the Moose


What does he look like?

Moton is a brown moose animatronic. He has green eyes and a black nose. His belly is a lighter shade of brown. He has a small beard under his "chin", and also has tanish-peach colored antlers, with three round points on them.

What can he do?

As a soon-to-be added attraction, Moton can tell stories to children, similar to Pungy from Five Nights at Frisky's. He is programmed to tell 100 different stories, making is almost certain his audience gets a different one each time. He can also identify faces of previously seen children.


  • He was originally supposed to be back
  • He attacks on Night 4.
  • In one of his plans, he had a t-shirt similar to Karl's.

Foxon the Fox


What does he look like?

He is white and unpainted. He has a black nose and eyes with glowing white inside. His is missing his right arm, and also has tuffs to his sides.

What can he do?

He is an animatronic in testing. His suit is also used for testing his appearance as he moves. So far, he can move around and sing some songs.


  • His permanent name will not be "Foxon".
  • He is said to perform with Cato in the future.
  • He was the 2nd animatronic drawn for the 4th update.
  • His tuffs were inspired by Foxy.

Caton the Cat


What does she look like?

Caton is also white and unpainted. She has a black nose and tuffs on the sides of her head. Her eyes are purple, and slightly resemble a galaxy of you zoom in/click on the image. She has 3 black eyelashes on both of her eyelids.

What can she do?

Similar to Foxon, she is also in testing. She can sing, dance, and make complex movements. Her suit is used for testing her appearance as she moves.


  • Like Foxon, she is without paint and within testing.
  • Her tuffs were inspired by Five Nights at Candy's.
  • Her current eyes are said to be used with her official counterpart.
  • She is said to perform with Foxon as a future attraction.



What do they look like?

The normal centi-bot is black and has many legs. It has glowing, red bug-like eyes,many two pinchers at its mouth.

What can they do?

It can detect where a persons neck is, and tighten around it. They also contain small poison tanks for injecting poison into people. They have been built to listen to commands from the larger ones for attacking. Finally, they can get in a large group to attack.


  • There are 300 of them.
  • They are 1 foot long.
  • They attack on Night 5.
  • They were built by Navy Guy.


Large centibot

What do they look like?

It is navy-blue, and divided into many sections. It has a large amount of small legs with sharp points on their ends. It has pinchers on its mouth and back, and has glowing red eyes.

What can they do?

Their main job is to swallow people and dispose of them, almost as an infinite way to get rid of dead bodies(and living ones). They can stab with their feet, also.


  • They contain hydrochloric acid.
  • After bodies go through the acid, they go into metal intestines, designed with very advanced tech.
  • An advanced process turns the remains into an odorless gas that can be disposed of.
  • It is over 30 feet long.

Night 1=

You start off in the staff elevator. Using your iPhone 30, you open up your Guide section in your "Dustbone's Rocktown" app. You play the message that is titled, "Play 1st Night". As you continue to go up, it tells you:

Hello, I am Gregory Snyder, but most people call me Greg. We welcome you to Dustbone's Rock-Town! Your tasks will be simple, as long as you stay calm. This place can give you the spooks, but we hope it won't be a problem for you. I will be giving you instructions as you progress through these nights. You'll know what to do, where to go, and all that good stuff. Listen to everything I say, as the company doesn't want anything to go wrong, since a lot has already gone wrong from suspicious acts. Pause this message, and play it again when you're up the elevator. Thank you.

After a few more seconds, you arrive at the top. The elevator opens, and you walk into the employee lounge behind the Molten Metal Auditorium. You play the message, and this is what Greg tells you:

Hello again. Now that you are up here, I have a few things that you need to do backstage, which is up ahead of you behind the white door that is beside our coffee machine. Pause this, and go up to the door and open it. You pause the message. A sentence will pop up, saying, "Click the door", at the bottom of your screen. The door will open once clicked, and you will be taken into the backstage area. You then resume your message. Greg will say, Excellent. Now, the place is very dark right now. You'll need to turn on the lights over at the Light Control Counter. Pause this, and walk over to it. You click Light Control Counter to the left of your screen. You walk over, and resume the message. Greg will say:

Okay. Now, be careful with what you press. Listen closely to what I ask you to do. You may not understand how to use this, but you don't have to, as long as you just listen to what I say. Start by pressing the third orange button counting from the left. You press it. Then, Greg will say:

Great. You should see a camera view of one of our hallways. Now, press the white button beneath the orange one you just pressed.

You press it. Greg:

Good! Now, press the red glowing ring button up on the wall. You press it. Greg: Excellent! Now, just repeat the same process, but with the one to the right of the one you just did. You do what you need to do. Greg: Awesome! You're all set. Now, enter the door through your right. You will have to walk down the hallway, and enter the office, which will be labeled for you right on the door. Walk in, and grab the equipment we left you one the desk. You will have an EVP, night-vision camera, thermal vision camera, and a normal camera you can use for recording. Pause this message, and play it again once you're in the office.

You begin to walk down the hallway. It has red, neon light swaying across the upper part of the black wall. When you begin to walk down, you hear a voice from somewhere. You freeze. You can't identify where, but it speaks to you. It says:

Hey there. I know you're over there in that hallway. I think that you're that guy that they hired to check us out. I just wanted to welcome you. You will feel a lot of apprehension during your time here, but I will protect you. I don't agree with the others. I understand why they feel this way, but it isn't right. They want to kill you. But I won't let them. There is no need to panic. Now, a little info on me. I'm a spirit controlling this animatronic's voice box and AI. I went in here to hide from the people during the day. When these robots preform, we are each in one of them. We don't control what they do, but we still rest there. Got that? Good. Now, I need you to know that I can't dispose all my secrets to you until I know I can trust you. What you must do is not tell anyone what I have told you. If you do so, I can tell you. If you do tell someone, I will still protect you, but won't tell you any secrets. I still, however, may give you hints. It depends on how I feel. Now, just stay calm, and go to your office. I will speak with you again soon.

You continue to not move for a few seconds. Eventually, you are able to move again. You walk down the hall, take a right, and head into the office. You see your equipment lying on the desk. You click the items and pick everything up. You then play the message.

Awesome job! Now, just take all the equipment, head out of the office, and continue down the hallway you are in. You will reach the one of the two large hallways that lead to the entrance of the Molten Metal Auditorium. Oh, yeah, one more thing. Those glowing cacti with the sombreros and mustaches aren't there for any racist reasons. We just have them there because some staff members get spooky vibes from this place, so we just put something goofy and random in the desk to give them a little laugh and not feel too "scared". Okay, go to where you need to go, and I will provide you with further instructions. You go to where you need to go, and play the message. Excellent! Your tasks for tonight are almost complete. Now, all you need to do is stand there with your equipment, and watch for shadows, movement, glowing orbs, and other paranormal stuff. You will stay here for an hour, and then you can go. Make sure you record with your night vision camera. See you tomorrow! The message ends. You stand there for about 25 seconds, then, Rockin' Freddy appears at the doorway to Molten Metal Auditorium. Every 25 seconds, the lights will blink, and he'll move closer to you. You can't do anything about it. Eventually, he gets right in front of you. You try to get away, but he grabs you, and comes at you with a hard, powerful punch.

Je**s Ch**st. He's out cold.''

How the f**k could this have happened?

Could he have passed out?

Most likely not. There's a large red mark on near his ear. See it?

Where is it?

It's right here.

Crap, it looks really bad.

I think we should give him a little while. Maybe a week break.

I guess we could, but it depends how serious his condition his.

We can bring him to a hospital, and if he's okay, he can come back in a week. Unless he quits.


Okay, help me pick him up.


On 1...2...3!

There we go! 

As if this s**t is the only thing that's happened here.

A message pops up on your screen. It says, "ONE WEEK LATER".

Night 2

You are back in the elevator. You pull out your phone, and play the message labeled, "Play When Return". Greg will say:

"Welcome back! We are glad you're feeling better, and that your head is okay. The company handled the bills for your recovery. So....a lot of stuff has happened here lately. For instance, one of our staff members fell off the edge of this place recently. Not only that, but the owner's daughter....disappeared. We conducted a large search for her, but she hasn't been found. We sometimes wonder if she lies within these walls, and is....somewhere. Pause this message, and play it when you are up."

You eventually are at the top. You get out, and play the message. Greg will say:

"Okay. Do the same thing you did last time, but stop when all the lights are on. So, I just wanted to express my feelings about what's been going on here. Sorry if you don't want to hear this, but I feel like I have to get my thoughts out. So-on the news, there was an interview with the owner of this establishment. What I found weird was how he acted. He just seemed like he was shaking while tearing up a little. It was a little weird, you know? Uhh....anyways, when the interviewer asked him if he knew anything, he froze for about 3 seconds, and his face became red. I didn't understand this. I then thought something. Maybe, just maybe, he h-"

The message is interrupted by the voice of the "spirit" heard the night before. He is loud enough to some-what block out the message, and you pause it to hear the spirit better. It will say:

"Hello again. I am...sorry. I didn't realize. I was just...thinking. The darkness is good for thinking. There is hardly ever a noise, and the darkness blocks out your view of the world, meaning it is only you and your mind. You and your mind enjoy the darkness. Everyone enjoys the darkness.

The last few nights, I thought more about the disappearances. I heard people bicker about them when the animatronics take a break from their songs. And...I worry. So, listen. I already know what Greg wants you to do. You must enter the kitchen. Then, you must go to LeapTown. Then, you must leave. I will speak with you soon. Also, I am going to exit the animatronic I am in. For...reasons. You don't need to know them, though. Goodbye now!"

The spirit stops speaking. You then walk to the kitchen. While you do, a mini-game pops up.

In the mini-game, a man(who isn't seen, but his eyes glow a navy blue color) is seen standing at a table. Beside him, he has a lot of tools and metal. Words appear on the screen. They say, "Make some". You are instructed to click a white circle. Every time you click it, the man is seen putting together metal, which disappears. You must click it 100 times. Once you have, the man smiles, and his straight, and surprisingly white teeth are shown within his grin. The mini-game ends.

You are in the kitchen. You see ovens, spatulas, stoves, sinks, and other supplies required for food preparation. You stand there, most likely looking around for about 10 seconds. Once those 10 seconds come to an end, a voice is heard. "Let's play dodgeball, with no dodge-balls!" it says. Intense music starts playing. Instructions appear on your screen. They say, "Press the D key to duck!" If you were on mobile, it would say, "Click the button to duck!" You then see a a metal tray get lifted up. It is twirled around for two seconds. The poltergeist then throws is at you. The strategy is to look for when an object is twirled in the air, and if it is, duck. However, you can't spend the entire round ducking. If you do, the poltergeist will say, "CHEATER!" and then will hit you with a frying pan, and then throw you across the room. 

As the round goes on, multiple objects will be thrown at you. More a thrown as the round goes on, making it more difficult. If you survive 2 1/2 minutes, the spirit will say, "I give up. He's too good! Now get out!" The spirit will open the door, and you will be allowed to exit. As you make your way to LeapTown, another mini-game pops up.

In this one, you are the same person in the same room. New instructions appear on your screen. They say, "Make the boss". A bar, labeled as, "Progress", will pop up at the top of your screen. So will the same button from earlier. When you click the button, the man is seen pounding a hammer onto the table, and your progress bar goes up. You must click the button 150 times. At the last click, the man builds some device. It is navy blue. Once you are done, the room goes dark. His eyes are still seen glowing navy blue. "Let's test this," is said in a chat bubble, surrounded by the same navy blue color as the man's eyes. A clicking sound is then heard. 5 seconds later, what sounds like small pieces of metal repeatedly hitting the ground one-by-one is heard in the background. "Perfect," appears in a chat bubble, also surrounded by navy blue. He then makes the same grin as seen in the last mini-game. The mini-game then ends.

You are now in LeapTown. You turn on your flashlight. In front of you, you can see many different types of trampolines. From sets of standard ones in a row, to a trampoline basketball "court", the place had it all. You stand for about 20 seconds, until you hear something. It was coming from the back of LeapTown. It sounded like a footstep. You then hear another one, louder. Another one, even louder. They get louder and louder. Then louder and louder and louder and louder. Until, you see him. Karl the Kangaroo. He stands there, with the light of your flashlight reflecting in his eyes. He then leaps to the darkness. The game is on.

To survive, you must shine your light to get him to go away, similar to Five Nights at Candy's 3. However, this won't be easy. In fact, it is very challenging. It may take a few tries to figure out his patterns and tricks. He often will give you 4 seconds to shine him away once he pops out from somewhere. You must survive this for 3 minutes. If you do, Karl will look at you and say, "Why couldn't I succeed?" He then will hop away to who knows where.

The spirit from earlier begins to speak. 

"Great job. You did well against those guys. But...they aren't the best at getting you."

The spirit is interrupted. Another one can be heard, saying, "Not like you could do sh*t. A**hole."

"Ignore him," says the safer spirit. "As I was saying, the ones you will face next are more likely know. However, I will stay at your side. See you tomorrow, if you got the guts.

The night ends.

Night 3

You are in the elevator. You play Greg's message. He will say:

"Welcome back! Today, we will need you to do some work in The Country Jam Auditorium. It is across from LeapTown. Recently, it has been closed to to issues occurring with the animatronics. They seem to be spinning around fast, and moving awkwardly. To make sure they don't leave stage, and possibly destroy the place, we will need you to watch over them for an hour. I will supply you with more info on that soon. Now, pause this message, and replay it when you are at the top of the elevator."

You pause the message. When you are at the top, you replay it.

"Good. Now, do what you did the last two nights. But this time, press the set of buttons to the right side of the 2nd set of buttons you normally press. Pau-"

The message freezes, and stops. You then hear the spirit's voice.

''I have cut out the Internet connection, so Greg cannot tell you anything for a little while. I will turn it back on soon. But for now, I need to inform you of something. I know what happened to the owner's daughter. I know where she is. I know how she disappeared. I know wether she is living or dead. If you want me to tell you, then you must come here the 5th night. I will show you. You will know. If she is alive, you can save her. If she is dead, her killer can be put to justice. All you must do is come back, and back again. You then will be done with this job, and can resume your life normally. Now, what you must do is go to the Country Jam Auditorium. However, you must be careful when you enter the hallway. One of them is in there. If he comes at you, move away from him. If it sounds easy, it isn't. If you are caught-you the hallway. Be careful. I wish you the best of luck.''

You go into the hallway. You see Rockin' Bonnie in front of you, his stomach glowing purple. He says, "No one should trespass this location!" The lights flicker, and he comes towards you. What you must do is go to the left or right when he comes at you. The accessible directions are left, middle, and right. This may take some time to do, probably a few tries, but it is possible. You eventually make it past him. He yells, "I THOUGHT I WAS GOOD ENOUGH!"

A mini-game pops up. In the mini-game, a man(who isn't seen, but his eyes glow a navy blue color) is seen standing at a table. Beside him, he has a lot of tools and metal. Words appear on the screen. They say, "Make some". You are instructed to click a white circle. Every time you click it, the man is seen putting together metal, which disappears. You must click it 100 times. Once you have, the man smiles, and his straight, and surprisingly white teeth are shown within his grin. The mini-game ends.

You are in the Country Jam Auditorium. It is dark, yet illuminated by a dim purple light in the distance, which gives light to the stage. On the stage, Rockin' FredBear and Rockin' SpringBonnie can be seen. After 10 seconds, they start spinning around and around, their arms flailing everywhere. The lights go out afterwards, and you turn on your flashlight. What you must do is go down the walkway that separates each of the two sections of seats, and make it to the control room, while surviving the two animatronics. Rockin' FredBear will approach the front of you, while Rockin' SpringBonnie will approach you from the back. If you see one of them coming at you, you must duck into the row of seats on your left. 

Once you make it, you must press the shut down button on each control counter. Once you do that, you exit the room. You see both of them standing in the walkway, one on each end. You then exit the Auditorium.

As you go to the nearby exit(which is the front elevator for the guests), you hear a noise. It sounds a lot like footsteps. You then see two orange, glowing eyes. Ted the Tortoise. You also see two eyes that glow green; Dustbone. To survive, look away from them when they look at you. If you look at Ted for over 2 1/2 seconds, you will die. However, if you look at Dustbone for 2 seconds, he will kill you. He may have the scariest jump-scare in the game. He will charge at you, and jump at you. At the same time, he will make a loud, roaring sound. While you are there, Dustbone will say, a few things in a deep voice, which sounds like it belongs to a tough person. Some quotes 


  • "You b*stard. Get your a** over to me!"
  • "You little b*tch, stop acting so scared."
  • "I know you're in here, you d*ck sucking coward."
  • "I don't know who here's with me, but I need you to kill this c*nt."

Ted, in a rock-star voice, will sometimes say:

  • Come here, baby!
  • It's time to rock n' roll! Get ova here!
  • Can you hear me? Look at me!* What the h*ll are you doing?
  • Stop this guy! He is sure as h*ll a coward!

If you successfully make it to the elevator, the night will end.

A cutscene pops up. You do not know who you play as. However, you cannot see anything, but red arrows that direct you somewhere(note that there are no secret places you can go). You must follow the arrow. It points for you to go forward a little bit, and the to go left after. Every now and then, you here the person you play as say, "Shhh..," or, "Stay quiet." Eventually, you are where you need to be. You hear what sounds like tying a rope. After that, you hear what sounds like someone writing something. At last, the same voice is heard saying, "I'll be back."

The mini-game ends.

Night 4

You once again are in the elevator. You look at your phone, and play the message from Greg:

"Welcome back to your second to last day on the job! As you know from the note left on the elevator door, we will require you to do some work in our underground storage and testing facility. There is a lot down there, so be careful not to break anything!"

The elevator stops.

"Did you know that if we were to add any new animatronics in the future, they would be stored, manufactured, and tested down here!"

You exit the elevator.

"Also, while your down here, be aware of an animatronic we were sent. It's some sort of....imported Chinese dragon, sent to us from-you guessed it-China. There's some sort of animatronic company there that makes these things. They said we could use it for parts, or fix it up to use for the guests. We might do that, it's kind of cool. Yeah, they says it speaks English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and some other languages. I...I don't know. 

So, first, we need you to go to the room just to your right. That dragon is inside of it."

You walk in there. Greg says:

"Excellent! Now, just check and see if it is doing anything. It should be lying on the floor."

You pause the message, and freeze. The animatronic gets up on its many, many legs.  It then begins to turn around to face you. It walks toward you. It then begins to speak, in a voice that is similar to the voice of an elderly Chinese man:

"Hello, my son. Well, actually, you aren't my son. But last time I checked, nobody cared. I see you have awakened me. And, do you know why I am here?"

You don't reply.

"No, it isn't to give you a $25 McDonald's gift card. No, you see, I am here to predict your future. I have special powers that allow me to see into your life up ahead. Don't ask how I can, because I don't really know either. Now, ask me whatever you want. I do not have anything else better to do, other than sleep and to stare at a concrete wall."

You have the options to ask four questions:

'''Will I ever be married? If so, to who?'''

"Ah, yes, marriage. Okay, first off, my son, I need to get this SpongeBob reference off my back. Hey, do you remember that show? No? Okay, not like I care. (Makes coughing sound to indicate clearing throat, and then speaks in the magic-conch style voice)''Maybe someday''. (Continues to speak normally) Okay, there we go. Now...(closes eyes, and looks down a bit)

AH HAH! I know., um, oh yeah; 2048, you will be at a pharmacy, buying pills. I...uhh...don't know if you take pills or not, but you'll be buying pills. Anyways, when you are walking, you see a beautiful girl, with smooth, black hair, and a purple shirt. She looks about your age. Her name is....uhhhh.....ummmm....Emily, yeah. You will think she looks good-or something-I don't know. You walk up to her, and instantly ask her out on a date. She'll say yes for some reason....I don't know why. You don't look that good to me. Well, I am male, so I don't know who to judge. go on a date at a place called Rachel's Diner. You will order a steak. When it comes, you will have the sudden urge to...uhh...umm....oh yeah; eat half of the steak, and throw the rest at your girlfriend. She will snatch it, and gobble it down in one bite. You then will randomly propose to her, and she will agree. You will get married on Jupiter's 918,383,292nd moon, and will live in a supplies shed in Mexico. There is your awnser. Uhh...anything else?

'''What will my life be like in 10 years?'''

(Note: this contains many user references ;) )

Okay, 10 years from now. Um...okay...let's see.......HUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..................nope, that won't work. Um.....ehh....oh yeah! Your wife will break up with you after you change your Connecto profile picture, which will be a red girly-thing from that Wreck-It-Ralph movie from over 30 years ago. probably have no clue what I am talking about. Not like you would, you didn't even exist when that movie came out. So, my son, you will tread the globe so much, with so many problems, you will think it has eyes that watch you as you go. It will scare you, but you won't want any hugs. Eventually, you are in some freezing desert. You light up a blue flame to keep yourself warm. You then randomly decide to change your name to Sherwin. I don't know why, to be honest. will fry up some orange fish to eat, which then jumps at you and says, "I MADE YOU!" It will slap you on the cheek, then go away. 

You leave, and see an explosion in the night sky, which looks like a lunar eclipse. Or maybe not, I don't know. You eventually find a village, which contains many freaky-looking bears with black top hats. You decide to go downtown, and find a place called, "Freezy's Gasoline". You see a man dressed up as withered Bonnie, with glowing, yellow eyes and a tie wave around a sign that says, "FRESH LARGE PIZZAS FOR $4.99!" You want some pizza, so you go inside. You will see the boss. who looks like a zombie, yelling at some employees for selling pizza for $1.99. 

You get a pizza, then hop on a ferry that's heading for the south. It is full of firefighters. You then realize; you want to go to the north. 

You jump off the boat, and then find a fox named Tonic. He will run somewhere, and you will follow him for some reason. He will lead you to a coal mine, filled with 1,337 miners. You then decide to become a miner. Or...wait...that wasn't right. Oh well, I am too lazy to tell an entire story again. Anything else?

'''When will I die?'''

He freezes. He looks at you.

"You die when you die, my son. Tomorrow or later."

'''Who will be the next president of the U.S.A?'''


Anyways, it will be Donald Trump IV!"

One you are done, you will say, "I am done." He will reply,

"Very well then, so long, my son! I hope your future isn't what I described it to be, because it might not turn out as good that way."

He then will coil up, and shut down.

You leave the room, and replay the message from Greg. He will say:

"Awesome job! We now I'll need you to spend 45 minutes(7 in-game minutes) inside of our test pizzeria. Go straight ahead, and open the door once reached."

You pause the message, then walk forward, and open up the door. You are now in the test pizzeria office.

"Great job! Recently, we have had a lot of strange activities with a new animatronic we are planning to add to the establishment, plus some other scrapped or experimental ones. We just need you to keep an eye out for them to make sure they don't cause any trouble! If you see one that is, make sure you remember so you can tell someone about it! Thanks!"

You will be attacked my Moton(pronounced mow-ton) the Moose, Foxon, and Caton. You will have one door that can close, one that can't, and a vent. Each animatronic has their own way of coming in:

  • Moton will come from the larger doorway without a closable door. If you see him, shake your flashlight around. He will then go away.
  • Foxon will come from the closable door. However, you will have to look at the hallway camera to see him. Stop him by shutting the door.
  • Caton will come from the vent. To stop her, shut the vent door. You can view her with the orange vent light, which is motion-activated. To activate, click the "stand up" button.

You will have a limited supply of power, and some cameras. Survive for 7 in-game minutes.

You leave the room, and replay the message from Greg. He will say:

Great! That is all you have to do for tonight. After tomorrow, you will be all set here! Have a good night!

The night ends.

A mini-game appears. You are playing as an employee. You are inside the hallway that leads to the studio. A text box appears below you. It says:

"ATTENTION! All employees please report to the studio. I repeat, all employees please report to the studio. Thank you."

You can either go to the camera studio or go to the auditorium. The auditorium will be in the eastereggs section if you are interested.

You walk down to hallway to reach the studio. There is no light inside; you walk in, and all the other employees are in there. You can hardly move. A man walks in, and shuts the door. He has a control device in his hand. He hits a button as he says, "Part two!" Screams are heard. You try to escape, but you are bit by his invention. You lie on the floor and await your death, helpless, just like the others.

The mini-game ends.

Night 5

You are in the elevator. No message from Greg is available. However, the spirits voice can be heard.

"It is time. You can save her, and I know where she is. However...while you are going up, I need to tell you something. Your guide is dead. I saw him die. He was killed earlier, about 11 hours ago. The machine killed him. The machine that tonight you must stop. There are many of them. For every 100, there is 1 large one. The large ones...they're 33 feet long. They have glowing, red eyes. They can swallow almost any human being. They are good for hiding dead bodies...that's why he made them.

The elevator stops. 

"I can tell you more need to grab the taser. I will explain why you need it as you go underground. Now, the hallway you usually take is blocked off. I'm not sure why, and I don't have time to find out. You need to go through the Molten Metal Auditorium."

"Oh, and I thought I should mention, someone destroyed the control desk."

You go to the backstage entrance. You are now behind the spot where Dustbone would be.

"No...the vulture, Vex, is gone. So is Dustbone. Okay, you need to listen. I will guide you through here. Listen to my instructions and you will be okay. First, you will have to jump off stage. You could take the stairs, but by jumping, we go faster. Take 15 slow steps forward. Pretend that the edge of the stage is everywhere in case you come too close to the edge."

You can fall of the stage if you aren't careful. If you do, you will receive a skull injury. It will show you, the player, lying on the ground. You will see glowing green eyes approach you. It will come out to be Dustbone. He will run at you, pick you up, and drive your head though one of his antlers. 

But if you do succeed...

"Okay. You are exactly where need to be. Now, jump off. It is only 8 feet; I will help balance you when you land."

A message will appear on screen. It will say, "Press J to jump." Once you jump, the spirit will speak again.

"Good. Now, Vex has enough energy to fly around. He may try to pin you down; what you must do is if he does, do not scream. He will drive his claws into your back, and what you must do is not scream or make any noise. He will leave after that."

"Dustbone will run down the rows of seats as you walk through. If he comes near, I will alarm you. Now, start going forward."

Vex will attack about 2-4 times while you walk through, and Dustbone will run down about ready to hit you 7-12 times. If you do complete it, the spirit will speak again.

"Now that you're high up, you have reached the 2nd floor. Tons of new attractions are being planned to be here. Currently, there is a large office where the manager does his work. Walk to your left."

You do that until the spirit says to stop.

"Now, just open the door." 

You do. You're now inside. 

"I turned the lights in this office on before you came. Now, just grab it and listen to what I tell you."

You grab it, and walk out. 

"Go forward until I stay stop."

You do so.

"Now, sprint down."

You do so.

"Walk forward until I say stop."

You do so.

"Now, jump up. I will help push you up so you can get on stage."

You do so. Wow, if I had a penny for how many "You do so,"s I typed....

Just so you don't get bored reading this, the spirit will guide you back to the elevator.

"Okay. Press the button to go in."

You press it. After a few seconds, the door opens, and you walk in. The screen cuts to the elevator going up. The spirit talks again after a few seconds of silence.

"They're called centi-bots, or, that's what I call them, at least. There are 300 normal ones. They are machines that heavily resemble centipedes; in fact, they crawl around with tons upon tons of legs. Looking at some papers I found, they can inject poison into people, and even wrap around their necks and choke them. They all can group up and attack at once, making it even more dangerous. 

Then, there are the larger ones. They are about 33 feet(10 meters) long. They contain wiring and all the stuff that allows them to move on the walls of their insides, leaving a gap big enough to keep a human in."

You are now on the bottom floor.

"That's right. They can eat humans. He designed them that way to hide bodies. If a cop were ever to ask what they were, he could easily say they were for an upcoming horror attraction on the upper level. Also, they contain an electric and more advanced remake of the digestive system. The bodies go into hydrochloric acid, get released into the intestines, and go through an advanced process of turning them into and disposing of them as an odorless gas. He has as much room as he wants.

Umm...sorry if I scared you. But you need to get out of the elevator. Nick's daughter is waiting for you."

You get out.

"Follow my instructions. It is very dark, so you obviously can't see. Now, just walk forward until I say stop."

You do so.

"Stop. Okay, now, go left until I say stop."

You do so.

"Stop. Now, open the door."

You do so, and walk in. A control desk can be seen with several buttons on it.

"Please, stay silent. We are here to help you. Really, though, do not say anything. I am a spirit, yes, but I know your father. Please, remain calm.

Now, she is tied up over there. Nick put her down here to hide her from him. He knows his address, so he easily could come in and see if she was there if he felt like it. He knows almost everything about him. You see, he wanted revenge for an incident that I don't feel comfortable fact, I died in it. He got locked up for it, and now, he wants Nick to feel it. He killed all the employees with the centi-bots by having them inject poison. Yesterday, he killed off the remaining few that weren't there that day, including your guide.

He threatened to light bombs on the buildings supports, collapsing the building, if Nick didn't kill his daughter. He would do the same if the cops came after him. So, Nick faked it. Now, you have a chance to save her. I could have, but news would spread and cause paranormal chaos with people studying us, and trying to kill us. I don't have time to explain more; you need to electrocute the centi-bots with your taser. It will shut them down. A group of 100 should attack at once, followed by the large one, their boss. Those may be harder to fight; there are 3 of them. Please, be cautious. 

Forgot to mention, the large ones can send commands to the smaller ones. Do your best, I may be able to shut down some if I can. I will also help calm her down."

There will be 3 waves, all of which get harder each time. 

On wave one, you will fight off 100 normal ones and 1 large one. Their AI will be set to 5. To electrocute them, click them. They will come from your north, north-east, east, north-west, or west. They larger one will be quick, and will take 5 zaps to "kill".

On wave 2,  you will fight off 100 normal ones and 1 large one. Their AI will be set to 10. The large one will take 10 zaps to get rid of.

Finally, on wave 3, you will fight off 100 normal ones and 1 large one. Their AI will be set to 15, and the large one will take 20 zaps to defeat.

"Amazing. All I need to do it untie her."

He does so.

"Amazing. I will speak with you outside. All you need to do is get in the elevator which has been left open."

It changes to a mini-game. Nick's daughter(Ariana) walks toward you. She coughs. In pink text, she will say, "Th...thank you....," while crying a little at the same time. You will say, "You're welcome. Now, let's get out of here," in white text. Both of you walk out.

"I'm hot, starving, tired, I have a headache th-" Ariana says, until noticing HIM standing in front of the elevator.

"Hello there," will be said in navy blue text. "Thought you two could escape?"

"You psychopath," you say.

"More like...sociopath. Oh, hello, Ariana! How are you doing? Feeling? Hehe. I bet it felt so good to finally get out....but...oh're screwed."

She gets behind your back.

"Don't touch her, you bitch." You approach him slowly.

"Really? Heh." He reaches towards his belt, and pulls out a gun.

"I won't touch you. No need to worry. My bullet will!"

He shoots you in the intestines.

You fall to the ground, bleeding, and eventually die.

Ariana can be seen crying even more as she falls to her knees.

" monster!"

"Say, don't monsters usually EAT children? Don't they terrorize that will happen every night? Well...wether you believed that or not as a little kid, I got a little surprise!"

Behind her, a pair of glowing red eyes appear.

"I made 4, not 3. That ghost was wrong."

"I...I.......," she mutters.

"Perhaps your brother's death will be more brutal," he says, "Have fun!" he says.

You are now playing as Ariana. Instructions will appear on screen. It will say to move left or right using your up and down arrow keys(due to the angle of the elevator being on the right). The large centi-bot will try to snatch you. You must move away from it as you move backwards with your right arrow.


There are two endings you can get.

No. 1 - You survive.

If you make it to the elevator, you can receive the Helping Ending. You push past Navy Guy(that's who I'm totally forcing you to call him) and run into the elevator. You close it, and head to the first level where people walk in and pay. You pick up a phone at the desk, and call the police.

You go and stand outside after. Nick is there, and so are the cops. As you run up to your dad and hug him, Navy walks out, crying.

"I'M SORRY!" he yells. "My mind got messed with when I was 5 or 6 or something! Please! I just want to get help! What I saw made me insane mentally! Please!"

"You killed the guy who saved my life! You should be killed for what you've done you bastard! (Sorry for swearing, dad)," Ariana says.

"Oh it's fine ho-wait, who?" Nick asks.

"Sir, may I speak with you for a moment?" is asked by a cop in light blue text. 

Navy responds, "Me?"

"Yes, you."

"It's what I saw there in the 70's, at...what was it...............



Navy receives help to return to a normal state. He was sentenced for life but not executed due to his psychological problems. Dustbone's reopened, with the hope of many new attractions for the future. Your player was able to be revived in a hospital, and continued to do urban exploration videos, though none will stick like Dustbone's. The last large centi-bot was destroyed. The incident became world-wide famous, and ghosts were proven real. 

A "The End" screen will appear, with Dustbone's head behind it. His eyes glow green, and the words "Helpful Ending" appear in green below the "The End".

No. 2 - Let's say that you were playing as Ariana, and the large centi-bot snatched you. If this happens, you have the option to retry or go on. If you press retry, you can try to survive. If you press go on, you can unlock the Dusty Bones Ending. Let's say you pressed go on.

"Hehe...good boy," he says. The centi-bot's eyes light up green. Navy walks into the elevator.

It cuts to a highly-detailed pixelated clip of Navy looking at Dustbone's from the top of a tall building. He has a button in his hand. He presses it. After a few seconds, the supports of the building collapse from an explosion as depressing music plays in the background. As they do, the building falls down, too. Another explosion is heard. Dust quickly spreads to the buildings around it. The falling building also falls into other building and apartments. A huge fire starts and spreads.


8,987 people were killed. Ariana and your player are dead. Nick is now in a state if depression; he can't ever see his daughter again. He doesn't even know she is already dead. He just has his son left, who he cares for more than ever now to keep him safe. The incident spread, and a rumor appeared saying terrorists caused it. No footage was caught, expect on Navy's phone. He was never put to justice or helped with his psychological issues.

The words "The End" will appear with a heavily worn-out red ball cap behind it, with the year 1976 engraved in the front. The words "Dusty Bones Ending" will appear in dark red under the "The End".

  • In the minigame where you must build 100 $@|=||_@&$-&/@, you can see a long, metal, bead-like animatronic on the desk if you pause at the right time before the minigame ends. The same applies with the one where you must build a larger one, expect it is bigger.
  • If you go to the MM Auditorium in the minigame before Night 5, you can save Greg. Yes, in that minigame, you play as him. You will get the Shortened Ending, where Greg contacts the cops who then solve the situation.
  • Navy is eventually caught a while after the Dusty Bones Ending, so a mini-game appears. Navy is sitting in a chair at the prison in the middle of a room. Cops can be seen observing him through a window. Navy is crying. A cop pulls a lever, and volts of electricity are seen coming from Navy. Eventually, he slumps down, and his leg kicks up a few times. Eventually, he stops moving, now dead.
  • There is a 1/1,000 chance you will survive a jumpscare.

  • SpringThing14 - Drawings, story, idea, all but one animatronic, almost everything.
  • Shadowboy192 - Ted the Tortoise
  • Scott Cawthon - Creator of FNaF

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  • Added more dialogue and detail, especially for Ariana(let's be honest, all she did towards the end was mumble a few words and go up an elevator).
  • Removed W.I.P category