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NOTE:I know that "sister" is a term used to describe another location owned by the same company. I just named the game this because it's somewhat the opposite of Sister Location. I hope you enjoy!


This message has been sent by the manager of Dustbone's Rock Town! You know, that really tall tower that can hold entire auditoriums? Yeah, shocked me, too. With that aside, we have a request.

We have seen your videos on your InLife page, and how you have a series of paranormal investigation videos. It seems you have a fascination with paranormal activity. That's just what we need.

Lately, our animatronics have been moving around on their own. They walk off stage, and move around. They just...move, as mentioned. They usually go near our "No Entry" areas, and just stay there. We have caught them doing this on security cameras.

We've had each animatronic repaired by several mechanics, and were each repaired about 23 times, literally. Some more than others. Even then, they still move. Our staff now have a belief in the paranormal, especially because many accidental and suicidal deaths have occurred here. The place is just so high up.

In a nutshell, we would like it if you helped us watch over the animatronics.

If you come, you'll need to follow the animatronics. Not only that, but you also may need to watch over the building. Just walk around, simply.

You may want to equip a camera to show anything important to the staff. Sometimes, things just happen. If something really bad does happen, we can help. If there is any emergency, exit immediately.

One more thing. If you agree to do this, we will hire a soon to be named phone guide, who will leave helpful recording in case you need help.

Your pay will be $1,200. You will go up the staff elevator, which is the back one you'll see when you go into the check-in building on the ground. You're shift will start at 11:30 PM, and go to 6:00 AM. We hope you're okay with staying up overnight for a little while.

That's all. If you would like to apply, please let us know in a comment.

Thank you very much!


Location InfoEdit

Dustbone's Rock Town was opened in 2044, in Manhattan within New York City, by Andy Halt. It is kind of like the opposite of Circus Baby's Pizza World; it sits high above ground. On the ground, there is an entry building. In there, you purchase tickets to go to Dustbone's Rock Town. There are a total of 3 elevators to take you up. While two of them are public, the third one in the back is for staff members. The elevators go up the insanely powerful and strong supports of the building. There are a total of 5 supports; one in the center, and four surrounding it.

The building itself is very high above ground, as mentioned. Customers will enter through the front. They will order there food, which they then receive. With many cooks, and more advanced cooking ovens, the food usually only takes three minutes to prepare on average.

The customers have three places to go. They can go to the Country Jam Theater, LeapTown(an indoor trampoline park and playground), or the Molten Metal Auditorium.

Alongside that, there are many staff only rooms, usually offices and storage.

A place that only high-ranked employees can go to is the underground storage level. Many things are stored down there, and it always has a eerie feel to it.

All of these places are accessible in the game. Some more hidden than others.


What does he look like?Edit


Dustbone is the lead singer in Five Nights at Freddy's: Brother Location. He is...well...nobody knows what he is, really. He's just "there". He stand on two legs. He has two hoofs for feet, with muscular legs. He two muscular arms, which are also black. In his right hand(right from his point of view), he holds a black microphone with a glowing ring beneath the speaker. His head is an elk skull, and has light bulbs in his eyes and mouth for light effects. He has two large antlers on his head.

What can he do?Edit

Dustbone is able to sing Rock and Heavy Metal songs. He is voiced by Pat Vulrich. With his microphone, he has been programmed to do mic flips. Just like it sounds, he can flip his microphone into the air, and then catch it. He is also able to respond to the other animatronics on stage, which is also programmed into him. He can move around, but isn't programmed to. He moves at night for...other reasons.

How do people feel around him?Edit

Most young children get scared by him. However, he isn't meant for them. No, he is meant more for teenagers and young adults. Going back to how he is received, most people wonder who he is. What is purpose is. Think about it. An elk skull, on a completely black muscular body. It puzzles many.


  • I, SpringThing14, still wonder how Dustbone came to my head. He there. Somehow. I wonder how and make theories about it to this day.
  • He is 1 of the 5 animatronics in the Molten Metal Auditorium.
  • Like the rest of the animatronics, he has lights inside of him that make neon lights that flash along with the beat of the song at curtain times.
  • While the skull is artificial, the antlers on his head are real elk antlers.

Rockin' Freddy FazbearEdit

What does he look like?Edit

Rockin' Freddy is the guitarist in the Molten Metal Auditorium, and is mostly black. However, he has a white stomach, muzzle, ears(inside), and white portions of his arms and legs. He has glowing eyes and a light-up nose. Not only that, but light can also come from beneath all of his white areas(belly, muzzle, etc.). He takes FNaF 1-2 Bonnie's role, and plays the guitar. The guitar looks like FNaF 2 Bonnie's, expect it is more advanced, and is black and white. Rockin' Freddy stands to the right of Dustbone(his point of view), and to the left of Rockin' Bonnie.

What can he do?Edit

Thanks to advanced technology, he can play the guitar for almost any song. If you use the Internet, you can send him the beats for any song, and he'll be able to play it. He can light up in his eyes, nose, mouth, and any of his white parts. He is able to communicate with the rest of the band.

How do people feel around him?Edit

Nobody, not even young children, ever fear Rockin' Freddy(for the most part). This is likely due to his design, which isn't that scary. Sometimes, people feel a little creeped out, but not too much.


  • Unlike every other Freddy, Rockin' Freddy has no top hat or bow-tie.
  • He is the animatronic that can in the banner for the game(top of the page).

Rockin' Bonnie the BunnyEdit

What does he look like?Edit


He is a black remake of the original Bonnie. He has a white belly and white within his ears, and white "plates" on each part of his arms and legs. His belly, eyes, ears, nose, and arm and leg plates can light up. He stands to the left of Rockin' Freddy, and plays the drums.

What can he do? Edit

He is capable of performing drumstick flips, and can obviously play the drums. Some parts of his body can light up, and is able to communicate with the rest of the animatronics on stage.

How do people feel around him?Edit

Most people enjoy him. Just like Rockin' Freddy, he isn't that scary looking to most. He is a favorite of many.


  • He, unlike all other Bonnie animatronics, lacks a bow tie.
  • While Bonnie usually plays a guitar, Rockin' Bonnie plays the drums.

Vex the VultureEdit

What does he look like?Edit


He is a black vulture, who sits upon an artificial branch. He is covered in feathers, and posseses a featherless, bald gray neck. He has a shiny beak and two large wings, with two legs and feet with 3 toes and sharp talons. His eyes and neck can light up. He sits to the right of Dustbone.

What can he do?Edit

He is able to move and bob to the beat of the songs performed by the rest of the band. He can communicate with the rest of the crew, and his neck and eyes can light up.

How do people feel around him?Edit

Many think he's scary. Others think he has no purpose in the band; or both. Some people, however, do like him. But that doesn't mean he wouldn't give them creeps in the dark.


  • He cannot fly.
  • His branch is connected to a fake dead bush.
  • He was in the 2nd teaser for this game.

Night 1

You start off in the staff elevator. Using your iPhone 30, you open up your Guide section in your "Dustbone's Rocktown" app. You play the message that is titled, "Play 1st Night". As you continue to go up, it tells you:

Hello, I am Gregory Snyder, but most people call me Greg. We welcome you to Dustbone's Rock-Town! Your tasks will be simple, as long as you stay calm. This place can give you the spooks, but we hope it won't be a problem for you. I will be giving you instructions as you progress through these nights. You'll know what to do, where to go, and all that good stuff. Listen to everything I say, as the company doesn't want anything to go wrong, since a lot has already gone wrong from suspicious acts. Pause this message, and play it again when you're up the elevator. Thank you.

After a few more seconds, you arrive at the top. The elevator opens, and you walk into the employee lounge behind the Molten Metal Auditorium. You play the message, and this is what Greg tells you:

Hello again. Now that you are up here, I have a few things that you need to do backstage, which is up ahead of you behind the white door that is beside our coffee machine. Pause this, and go up to the door and open it. You pause the message. A sentence will pop up, saying, "Click the door", at the bottom of your screen. The door will open once clicked, and you will be taken into the backstage area. You then resume your message. Greg will say, Excellent. Now, the place is very dark right now. You'll need to turn on the lights over at the Light Control Counter. Pause this, and walk over to it. You click Light Control Counter to the left of your screen. You walk over, and resume the message. Greg will say:

Okay. Now, be careful with what you press. Listen closely to what I ask you to do. You may not understand how to use this, but you don't have to, as long as you just listen to what I say. Start by pressing the third orange button counting from the left. You press it. Then, Greg will say:

Great. You should see a camera view of one of our hallways. Now, press the white button beneath the orange one you just pressed.

You press it. Greg:

Good! Now, press the red glowing ring button up on the wall. You press it. Greg: Excellent! Now, just repeat the same process, but with the one to the right of the one you just did. You do what you need to do. Greg: Awesome! You're all set. Now, enter the door through your right. You will have to walk down the hallway, and enter the office, which will be labeled for you right on the door. Walk in, and grab the equipment we left you one the desk. You will have an EVP, night-vision camera, thermal vision camera, and a normal camera you can use for recording. Pause this message, and play it again once you're in the office.

You begin to walk down the hallway. It has red, neon light swaying across the upper part of the black wall. When you begin to walk down, you hear a voice from somewhere. You freeze. You can't identify where, but it speaks to you. It says:

Hey there. I know you're over there in that hallway. I think that you're that guy that they hired to check us out. I just wanted to welcome you. You will feel a lot of apprehension during your time here, but I will protect you. I don't agree with the others. I understand why they feel this way, but it isn't right. They want to kill you. But I won't let them. There is no need to panic. Now, a little info on me. I'm a spirit controlling this animatronic's voice box and AI. I went in here to hide from the people during the day. When these robots preform, we are each in one of them. We don't control what they do, but we still rest there. Got that? Good. Now, I need you to know that I can't dispose all my secrets to you until I know I can trust you. What you must do is not tell anyone what I have told you. If you do so, I can tell you. If you do tell someone, I will still protect you, but won't tell you any secrets. I still, however, may give you hints. It depends on how I feel. Now, just stay calm, and go to your office. I will speak with you again soon.

You continue to not move for a few seconds. Eventually, you are able to move again. You walk down the hall, take a right, and head into the office. You see your equipment lying on the desk. You click the items and pick everything up. You then play the message.

Awesome job! Now, just take all the equipment, head out of the office, and continue down the hallway you are in. You will reach the one of the two large hallways that lead to the entrance of the Molten Metal Auditorium. Oh, yeah, one more thing. Those glowing cacti with the sombreros and mustaches aren't there for any racist reasons. We just have them there because some staff members get spooky vibes from this place, so we just put something goofy and random in the desk to give them a little laugh and not feel too "scared". Okay, go to where you need to go, and I will provide you with further instructions. You go to where you need to go, and play the message. Excellent! Your tasks for tonight are almost complete. Now, all you need to do is stand there with your equipment, and watch for shadows, movement, glowing orbs, and other paranormal stuff. You will stay here for an hour, and then you can go. Make sure you record with your night vision camera. See you tomorrow! The message ends. You stand there for about 25 seconds, then, Rockin' Freddy appears at the doorway to Molten Metal Auditorium. Every 25 seconds, the lights will blink, and he'll move closer to you. You can't do anything about it. Eventually, he gets right in front of you. You try to get away, but he grabs you, and comes at you with a hard, powerful punch.

What happens next?

Tune in on Wedsnday and find out!

(Yes, I felt like doing a cliff hanger.)

Coming soon...

SpringThing14 - Drawings, story, idea, all but one animatronic, almost everything. Shadowboy192 -SOON FOR REASONS Scott Cawthon- Creator of FNaF

Update 1, 10/30-31/16 Added:

  • Building Description
  • Invitation for Job
  • Categories
  • Dustbone and Rockin' Freddy
  • All tabs
  • Page Banner
  • Dustbone's Teaser(Gallery)

Update 2.0

  • Night 1 Description
  • Image for Dustbone
  • Rockin' Bonnie
  • Vex the Vulture
  • Images for Office and Staff Elevator
  • Image of Vex Teaser
  • Image of Rockin Bonnie
  • Image of Vex
  • Night 1 Molten Metal Auditorium Hallway 2 Image
  • Image of Rockin' Bonnie(Glowing)
  • Imagenof Control Desk

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