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Five Nights at Freddy's: Charlotte Rampage is a possibly spin-off of FNAF and FNAF 2. However, there are no canon Animatronics (Only Toy Animatronics, but only appear in Cutscene). Charlotte (Along with Kitty's Animatronic OCs expect Hiromi) is replaced as the Main Antagonist of the game. This was released in 2015.


You play as Jeremy Fitzgerald. The Phone Guy tells you that Charlotte had scratched a kid during the incident in 1998. You must survive Night 1 to Night 5 from Charlotte and her friends. When you beat Night 2. Well, you unlocked Evelyn!


CAM 1Edit

This is the Showstage. Charlotte, Miku, Agnes and Kurumi start here.

CAM 2Edit

This is the Left Hall. This is where Miku or Kurumi wait there until you open the door. Charlotte can be sometimes go there.

CAM 3Edit

This is the Right Hall, Agnes will wait here. Again, Charlotte can sometimes go there.

CAM 4Edit

This is the Main Hall. Charlotte and Miku go there.

CAM 5Edit

CAM 6Edit

CAM 7Edit

CAM 8Edit

CAM 9Edit

CAM 10Edit

Phone CallsEdit

Night 1Edit

Night 2Edit

Night 3Edit

Night 4Edit

Night 5Edit


  • There is no Custom Night.
  • This was appear to be in Visual Novel style.


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